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Going to Jail



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Meet Violence with Word of God

Going to Jail Also, when you say "no," to their demands, be prepared for violence, that's what they do. That's their nature. When you decline to give your fingerprints, they may say, "We're going to beat you up if you don't." Don't succumb to their threats of violence. If you have a change of mind, you'll show them you're a man who does not stand until the end. Just because they come on with violence against you, doesn't mean you change. If you have a conviction about a certain direction, then you stand on that conviction. It's important. These people know the difference between one who is moved by every wind of doctrine and one who stands on a conviction. It is easy for them to determine whether you have a conviction or preference - they can see it better than you. They have the easy job, you have the tough one. They're the bullies - you're not.

Jesus Christ has actually placed spiritual handcuffs on you. You cannot strike them, but they can strike you all they want. That is going through the fire of Christianity. Under the pressures of jail, you'll find out whether you really are a Christian because a Christian's position is that he will resolve his problems without violence. He will use only the Word of God. 

The only way to overcome evil is to let it run itself to a standstill because it does not find the resistance it is looking for. Resistance merely creates further evil and adds fuel to the flames. But when evil meets no opposition and encounters no obstacle but only patient endurance, its sting is drawn, and at last it meets an opponent which is more than its match. . . . By willing endurance we cause suffering to pass. Evil becomes a spent force when we put up no resistance. By refusing to pay back the enemy in his own coin, and by preferring to suffer without resistance, the Christian exhibits the sinfulness of contumely and insult. Violence stands condemned by its failure to evoke counter-violence. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP

Before you find yourself behind bars, prepare yourself by putting into your heart that which the Lord wants you to do. Study His word. Be well equipped for the battle - put on the whole armor of God lest this day catches you unaware. Even so, there are going to be surprises and you're going to have to flow with it. You will need to depend upon the Holy Spirit. If you are aware of their procedures, you can prepare yourself. Believe me, when they make their demands upon you, it is too late to consider how you should respond. You'll wish you had oil in your lamp.

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