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Going to Jail



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Bailing Out

Going to Jail The most common way for people of the world to be released from jail is by bailing out. When you bail out of jail, a specified sum of money is paid to secure your appearance in court. The jail offers you temporary liberty - for a price. But the price is high - far higher than most people realize. When you bail out, you must also sign a release agreement, granting the court jurisdiction and agreeing to be judged by them.

Those who bail out and sign a release agreement forfeit the opportunity to argue that the court lacks jurisdiction.

Black's Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition defines bail as:

Bail, v. To procure the release of a person from legal custody, by undertaking that he shall appear at the time and place designated and submit himself to the jurisdiction and judgment of the court. (Emphasis added)

I have never paid a fine or bailed out of jail. I do not lend my financial support to a corrupt system. If I have a choice of bailing out or suffering in jail, I choose jail. I have observed over the years that once a person pays bail money, they seldom get a penny of it back. When you are initially hauled to jail, you may believe you are innocent. Therefore, you pay the bail money presuming you will get it back when the jury finds you "not guilty." This is vain dreaming. The system has perfected a process whereby they obtain a guilty verdict from the jury, even when you are clearly innocent.

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