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Going to Jail



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No Oaths

Going to Jail by Abraham

When I was in Washington County Jail, I witnessed men raising their right hand and signing "release" agreements. They were literally selling their souls to the devil to get out of jail. When I saw these guys signing and swearing, I remembered something I heard at a business seminar. "If you want to be successful, take a good look at what everybody else around you is doing, and do the opposite." I declined to sign or swear.

I was asked by a "Christian" release officer my Biblical reasons for not signing out. I pointed out Matthew, Chapter Five, and the words, "Swear not at all."

I thought he would understand, but instead he rose up in a huff. "If you want to sit here and rot and be a martyr for your sect, that's your business."

Then he closed up his briefcase and stormed out. Maybe he realized that he must choose between his job and Christ. +++

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