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Going to Jail



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Fourth Police Encounter

Going to Jail On Monday, February 7th, 1994, Rachel and I traveled from the Embassy to the Sublimity Post Office in the white Subaru. We took care of the mail and then headed toward Salem to pick up three Heaven Ambassadors at the train station. As we were heading out of Sublimity, Quinn Stutheit, the same officer who arrested me a month earlier, passed us on Parker and Starr Streets. He quickly turned around and moved into position behind us as we traveled toward Salem. I decided to turn into North Santiam Church of Christ on Sublimity Road rather than be stopped on the highway. Quinn immediately turned on his overhead lights and followed me into the church parking lot.

Quinn walked up to our car. I tried to give him greetings, but he was preoccupied with business. He did not ask me any questions. He said he was not going to cite me with failure to carry and present a driver license and asked me to wait in the car. Quinn walked back to his patrol car.

Within moments a Marion County Deputy drove into the Church parking lot. He watched from his vehicle with a grin on his face.

Quinn then returned to my window and stated that a warrant for my arrest has been issued. "Step out of the car," he commanded. The warrant stemmed from a failure to appear on the January 6th citations.

I removed everything from my pockets and handed them to Rachel. Upon stepping out of the car, Quinn placed handcuffs on my wrists and put me into the back of his car. I watched Rachel secure the Embassy car and walk toward Sublimity. She walked over a mile back to town and called Abraham at the Embassy of Heaven. The two of them were able to use another Heaven vehicle to continue the 20-mile trip into Salem to pick up the three Ambassadors. Upon their return trip, one of the Ambassadors drove the Subaru back to the Embassy.

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