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Going to Jail



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Going to Jail Visitations are also an option during your jail stay. Visits can tear at your emotions - as well as the emotions of your loved ones. You are on one side of the glass and your wife and children are on the other side. The children are cranky and concerned because they don't understand what is going on. There's dad in jail clothes looking sickly because he's been fasting. You want to hug your wife and children - but you must look and not touch. It is very painful.

We have decided if I'm in jail again, the family will probably not visit. Usually there are jail rules that must be followed for the privilege of visitation. Some jails require that visitors sign up ahead of time. Sometimes the only visitors you can see are those you have designated. The day for visiting and length is strictly regulated. Sometimes visitors are screened by using questionnaires.

Warn those who want to visit, that the jail may use power plays on them and unless they compromise, they may not be allowed to visit. I know a man who traveled 100 miles to visit an inmate. He was not allowed to visit because he was wearing blue jeans. He went out and purchased some used slacks and returned. Another man was refused his prearranged visit because he could not give the jail a social security number. Be prepared to be denied visitation because you cannot comply with one of their rules. Visiting feeds the needs of the flesh. I say, let's not bother. Let's concentrate on the spiritual realm.

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