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Getting the Media Involved

Going to Jail When you go to jail, you are making history, not man's history so much as HIS-story. You are furthering the spreading of Christ's good news. Because the stand we are making is so foolish to the world, it is easy to arouse the interest of newspaper, radio and television reporters. Television reporters have visited the Embassy several times to gather stories for the 5:00 news and many newspapers have written stories with headlines such as:

Ambassador of Jesus held on charges

Ambassador won't recognize State laws

Heaven's citizen refuses law of man

Heaven's ambassador will 'serve no one else'

We have a standing invitation with one of the television reporters - he'll do a story on us whenever we give him a call. I asked why he wants to do stories about us. "I imagine," he said, "that some guy is sitting in his recliner drinking a six-pack of beer. He's depressed and discouraged - feeling hopeless about his situation. Then he sees you guys driving your cars without State licenses. He's going to leap right out of that chair and shout, 'What are those guys doing?'"

While we haven't been television watchers for years, and we seldom even look at a worldly newspaper, we do recognize the media as a powerful tool for evangelism. The world looks on us and sees foolishness, but it is the "foolishness" of Christ that arouses those who hear His voice and want to follow. "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18

When I crashed our airplane in 1986, we received extensive media coverage. The headlines read, "Pilot flies by faith, not license." Letters and calls came in from all over the country and we were able to add many names to our mailing list. God used the plane crash as His vehicle to bring the Gospel to thousands who were perishing.

When you are hauled to jail, look on it as an opportunity to evangelize. Not only will the jailers and inmates see Christ working in you, but if you get the media involved, thousands more will hear Christ's message. Many do not trust the media, but it has been our experience that they have faithfully handled the Word of God. In all our stories that have been aired or published, there was only one reporter who distorted the message. If you are living out Christ's principles, they will be so foreign to the world's ways, that they will appear foolish. And reporters love foolishness. The reporters may think they are mocking you, but they are unwittingly airing Christ's message.

If you are hauled to jail and feel God is wanting you to speak with a reporter, have your spouse or friend call for you. Small, independent newspapers are usually most receptive. One time when I was hauled to jail, my wife visited a newspaper reporter and said, "My husband is in jail because he is an ambassador of Jesus Christ and does not have a State driver license. He's been in jail before, and the jail won't let any reporters interview him - they don't want any publicity on the stand he is making." This aroused the curiosity of the reporter and gave her a challenge. She wanted to see if she could break through the barriers to speak with me. She succeeded - and I received my first jail interview.

Today, when a reporter learns we have a driver license from Heaven, that is usually enough to stimulate his interest and he will be on our doorstep wanting an interview. Since reporters cover events, the best time to contact the media is when something is happening to you. You've been hauled to jail or you are scheduled for a court appearance. These events provide a focal point whereby you can preach the Word.

Even if none of the worldly media wants to do a story on you, the Embassy of Heaven newsletter is eager to hear of your adventures with the system. As you are being dragged to jail and dragged before the judge, keep mental notes. Then as soon as you have the opportunity, write down what happened and send us the story. If you don't like to write, call us or tell your story on a cassette tape and send it to us. Your story helps the rest of us learn and inspires us to stand firm in the Lord.

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