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Going to Jail



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Psychiatric Exam

Going to Jail Another area where they attempt to have you flee from your convictions, is the psychiatric examination. This one is scary if you're not prepared. Almost all of us in this battle have either been threatened with a psychiatric exam or have been given one. Don't take it personally, it's just one of their ways to gain some time while they are trying to figure out how to handle you.

Often, the psychiatric exam is ordered by a judge. One day you are taken to court and you don't know why. The judge starts firing questions at you, but you're not answering them or you're not telling them what their itching ears want to hear.

One day Daniel was explaining to the judge, "The Embassy of Heaven is a Church of which I am a member and ambassador on diplomatic business. Our Church is a foreign jurisdiction to this country."

At this point the public defender stood up and told the court, "We believe Daniel has mental problems." A psychiatric exam was proposed and Daniel's statement was not addressed. This diversionary tactic allowed the court to avoid responding to Daniel's challenge of the court's jurisdiction over the Embassy.

Another time, Abraham was led into the courtroom from jail on his scheduled trial date. Abraham began reading a statement proclaiming his citizenship in Heaven. The courtroom was full of spectators. After finishing his statement, the judge recommended that he be transported to the State capitol for a full psychiatric exam. Suddenly Abraham was whisked out of the courtroom and those of us who had come for the trial were cleared out of the courtroom. We hung around the halls for a while wondering what to do, but finally we all scattered. Unbeknown to us, a few hours later Abraham was secretly hauled back into court and stood before a judge who had turned friendly, "How are you doing, Abraham? We've changed our minds. We don't really think you need a psychiatric exam after all, but we do have some other matters that need to be resolved."

That's right, no exam was needed, the court had only used the exam to threaten Abraham and throw him off balance. Now, stunned by fear, he would be more complacent and easier to bargain with. Their agenda proceeded - they must persuade Abraham to accept a public defender and become a ward of the State through a court-appointed attorney.

After the ordeal, Abraham commented, "I was sweating on that one. I could just see myself lying on a cot being pumped full of drugs."

That court knew how to test Abraham's flesh, but God saved his soul. He didn't break down under the stress of the trial. He affirmed his Heavenly citizenship and refused to participate in their proceedings. The jury found him guilty, but the judge discharged all the charges and announced that Abraham was a free man.

One day while I was fasting in jail, they called me for what I thought would be a routine blood pressure check. As I went up front, an attractive young lady from mental health asked if she could speak with me. No one had warned me, but I was about to have a psychiatric exam. I decided to have fun with her. "Sure, I'll talk with you," I said. "Follow me, my office is right this way." I immediately proceeded into the doctor's office and pulled up a chair for her. I had been there so many times, I knew the doctor's office well. I then sat in the doctor's chair.

"I bet you think I'm crazy don't you?" I asked.

"Well, you're doing a good job."

"Well, I'm not done with you yet. I'm going to prove to you that everybody's crazy except for me. Now you must be convinced I'm crazy!"

She nodded her head in agreement.

I proceeded on, once you get started on this, you better be going somewhere or you're in deep trouble - otherwise you will end up in the nut house. I proceeded to talk with her about her driver license and all the laws she has agreed to abide by.

"You're concerned about whether I am crazy or not. That is ironic because I'm concerned about whether everyone else is crazy. Let me give you an example. The driver license is a four-year commitment. You sign on the dotted line and promise to obey all the motor vehicle laws. The motor vehicle law is a thick book. Who in their right mind would promise to obey every tittle of that law? We know law condemns us. None of us can uphold every bit of it - not a single one of us. Yet we agree to be fined or imprisoned if we break any of that law. Yet, that is just the half of it.

"Remember, you've already agreed to a four-year commitment, but the legislature meets every two years. So there is a possibility that during that four-year period, the legislature will meet twice to add and subtract laws from that book. What have licensed drivers done? They have committed themselves to obeying laws that don't even exist - laws that are still in the minds of men. NOW THAT IS A CRAZY MAN!"

She had to agree with me. Anyway, the conversation went on for about an hour. I don't know what she wrote about me, but at the end of the hour, she was eager to leave.

Finally I said, "I am caught between a hard spot and a rock. I'm caught between the demands of my Father in Heaven and men. If I follow God, man will try to destroy my body. If I follow man, God will not only destroy my body, but He'll also destroy my soul." Matthew 10:28

"You're right," she said, "you've summed up the entire conversation. I understand what you are saying." She left and I never heard any more about a mental exam.

I urge you to prepare yourself for the shock of being ordered to have a psychiatric exam. It seems to be almost standard with us. It is one of the adversary's way of throwing us off balance. I was not prepared - but God's spirit was with me and conversions were made. I recommend that you talk with God about this topic before you are in the enemy's hands.

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