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Going to Jail



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Plan for Jail

Going to Jail You've been to jail and now you're out. You may have been there three days or thirty. Let's go over a few important points.

Before you have an encounter with the police, work out with your family the details of your separation. If you're married, talk over what both of you will do when you go to jail. Discuss your fears and concerns. What will your family do if you are not there - how will the bills be paid? Do you have some food stored away that the family can live on while you're in jail?

One woman I know panicked when her husband went to jail. He was making the stand that he was a citizen of Heaven who had come out of the world system. She didn't really understand her husband's convictions. All she knew was that she didn't have money for the rent and utilities and she feared her family would starve. In desperation, she went to the State welfare office and applied for assistance. She sought out help from the very institutions her husband was making a stand against. Why would his family seek out a foreign government for assistance? When his wife applied for benefits from the system he had separated from, it ruined the stand he was trying to make. The husband should have talked with his wife before he went to jail. Mark 3:25

Avoid making commitments that depend upon a set schedule. One ambassador was in the midst of a roofing job when he was called to jail. He remained in jail for several weeks. Meanwhile, parts of the roof were left exposed to the weather. When it rained, the interior of the building was damaged.

To avoid these problems, bear in mind that you might be hauled to jail at any moment. Therefore, as you work, think ahead. If necessary, line up a buddy to temporarily take care of the situation until you can return.

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