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Going to Jail



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Coming Out of Jail

Going to Jail Sometimes coming out of jail is as difficult as going in. If you've been fasting, you'll be tired and weak. If you rise from your bunk too rapidly, you may pass out. You have a tendency to faint, so move slowly. The blood doesn't flow well.

If you haven't given your fingerprints, they're going to make another stab at it. They may threaten not to let you out unless you submit to fingerprints. They may threaten to continue holding you unless you sign a release agreement. Bear in mind that if they don't have authority to hold you, they don't have authority. They are hoping you'll make their job easy by voluntarily submitting. Believe me, they are not going to keep you in jail forever. They have to let you go. Eventually, they run out of cause. Yet, they are going to do everything they can to get you to cave in, to change your "no" to "yes."

Normally, when you are coming out of jail the officer yells, "Roll up." This means gather your bedding, mattress, pillow and other belongings and pack them out. Don't go to sleep because there are more decisions to make. You dress back in street clothes and return to the front office ready to go outside. The deputy pushes a Property Release form in front of you to sign. This form lists the property they held for you - belt, knife, money. If you've made it this far without signing, don't start now. One of our citizens told them, "I didn't sign in and I'm not signing out."

We've had situations where a person refuses to sign the Property Release form and is ordered back to jail. He has to undo everything, dress back in jail clothes and return to the population area where he stayed another day. Harassment like this is commonplace - they know how much you want to leave, but you must remain steadfast until the end.

One of our citizens was adamant about not submitting to any of their booking procedures - no fingerprinting, pictures, or jail clothes. They took him before the judge, but he still refused to submit to their procedures.

He was thrown back in the drunk tank. The jailers told him he would probably be sitting in jail a long time. They told him about an inmate who had been in jail for months because he wouldn't obey the judge's order. Our citizen said, "I can't worry about how long I'll be in here. Jesus told me not to submit to you. When Jesus wants me out, I'll be released."

The next day, the jailers were back and showed him the door out. The judge had changed his mind and released him. Jesus heard his prayer.

If you will just stand, eventually they will let you go. Jesus will see that you are released from the jail. Let Jesus open the door for you. Don't you open the door, let Jesus. In your weakness, He shall be strong. Jesus can only be strong in your weakness. If you're strong, you don't need Jesus do you? And your strength is not as strong as Christ's strength, so wait on the Lord.

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