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Going to Jail



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Making Contact on Outside

Going to Jail You're finally on the outside. I had an instance where I was released from jail and needed to hike two miles to the nearest phone booth. When I reached the phone booth, I had no coins and it was a long distance call. I didn't need just a quarter, I needed several dollars in quarters. And it was 6 o'clock in the morning - what was I going to do? I waited on the Lord. Less than two minutes later, I approached a man and said, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I need some quarters for a long distance phone call. I'll be glad to pay you back if you'll trust me."

The man dug in his pocket and pulled up all the change that I needed. He wouldn't give me his name so I couldn't mail him back the money. He just told me to go ahead and make my phone call. Here's a man I don't know how to thank, who was there when I needed help. Maybe he was an angel sent from God. I won't forget this incident. It reminds me there are still a few people of God out there.

Martin Luther"Tell me," said one of Luther's enemies, "when the whole world turns against you - church, state, princes, people - where will you be then?"

"Why, then as now," cried Luther, "in the hands of Almighty God."

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