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Going to Jail



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Exploiting your Weakness

Going to Jail When you are in jail, be cautious of the words you speak because the jailers will find out what you love and milk it. Those things you hold dear, will be used against you. Once jailers learn what you hold dear, they can use it to gain control over you. Jailers may appear sincerely interested in your well being - but watch out, they may have ulterior motives. They believe every man has his price and they want to find out your price. At what point will you compromise your beliefs? What is important to you? What are you worried about? Do you have a sick wife or child at home? Are you concerned about coming up with rent money? Are you anxious about finishing a job? If the jailers find out you have these worldly concerns, they will exploit them to gain power over you, tempting you into compromising with the world.

If you're a hard nut to crack, they're going to dip into things you've never considered. They could say something as simple as, "Don't you love your wife and your children? Why won't you just sign out so you can be with them?" I've been hit with that. The answer is simple:

"Sure I love my wife and children."

"Then what are you doing in jail? Why don't you get yourself out of here and go take care of them?"

"Sir, you don't seem to understand. I didn't put myself in here, you did. You're the one that's holding me and you're the one that hates my wife and children. Don't blame me for something you are doing."

"But you're here."

"Yes, because you captured me, I didn't come here on my own."

"But you're disobedient, you're not obeying our laws."

"I am in complete obedience to the laws of my country - the Kingdom of Heaven, and I will remain that way. You are the one who is in disobedience to the Kingdom of Heaven."

You never know, your testimony might change them. I remember the last night of one of my jail stays. I had been fasting and was close to death. I only weigh 137 pounds to start with and when I fast I faithfully lose 2 pounds every day. I usually level out around 110. My chest caves in, I'm prepared to die. A deputy with a softened heart who knew what they were doing was wrong, came up to the window and called for me. I slowly walked over. "Paul," he said, "I'm on duty tonight. Please don't die on me." I could see the tears in his eyes. There are conversions, so don't be nasty to them. Work with them, but don't cast your pearls before the swine.

They use many techniques to find out what you love and you have no idea where they are going to hit you. It is best not to leave loose ends. Before making a commitment to this battle, make provisions for your family to be taken care of for up to 30 days without your labor. Be aware that if you are employed and go to jail for an extended period of time, you will probably lose your job. It will be less stressful financially if you operate your own ministry. You don't want the pressure of having to compromise your stand by checking out of jail because of financial or other worldly obligations.

On the other hand, if you are out of debt and have your own ministry, you are free to offer yourself to God's service. If you resign yourself to doing His will, you can say without reservation, "If the Lord wants me in jail, then may His will be done. If I am to be released, I will wait upon the Lord to release me. Daniel 3:16-17

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