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Going to Jail



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Third Police Encounter

Going to Jail Several miles down the highway, we noticed the Marion County deputy had pulled over another car at the Aumsville-Shaw exit. The Aumsville police car was sitting in the parking area. We went on by them and traveled another five miles to the bottom of Corrections Hill. The Aumsville cop moved down the hill at high speed, turned on his overhead lights, and pulled me over.

The first policeman was telling me the truth and was lying at the same time. He told me that he would not set up for me. But "he" is an officer of the State of Oregon. The State of Oregon stopped me again, even though he personally did not. The first officer was being deceptive.

Officer Shepherd walked up to the car, "May I see your identification?" I hesitated. He said, "Look Revere, I want to see your identification."

"If you already know my name, then why do you want to see identification?"

"Because if you don't show me identification, I am going to take you to the big house. Then when we get done, you will go back to the Embassy and sleep there tonight."

"Oh, are you referring to the jail at Aumsville?" I was confused because a City of Aumsville cop was out on State Highway 22, about 6 or 7 miles away from their normal hunting grounds.

"No, no, we are taking you to Marion County Jail."

"I would prefer not to offend you. Here is my identification."

He took my Heaven Driver License and said, "May I see the citation that the other officer gave you?"

"I do not have any citations."

"Where are the citations that the other officer issued?"

"I do not have any citations. I was not given any citations by the other officer."

He huffed and went back to the police car. He took a long time. He finally came back. This time he did more than the first cop. He read the citations aloud and again used a name that I did not recognize.

I told him, "That's not me. Therefore, it is not my property."

"If you are going to use the highways in this State . . ."

I immediately interrupted him and said, "But I am not using the highways in your State, I am using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. You are trespassing on the Kingdom of Heaven."

"What did you say?"

"You are not an officer of the Kingdom of Heaven. You have trespassed upon the Kingdom of Heaven."

"You do not recognize the laws of the State of Oregon."

"You do not recognize the laws of the Kingdom of Heaven."

He then decided to get back on familiar ground and started reading the citations again.

I said, "Look, I am not going to take those citations because they are not made out to me and are not my property."

"I am going to lay them here on the dash. You can either take them or not."

I was surprised when I noticed one of the citations was for not wearing a seat belt. I was wearing a seat belt! It looked like he was trying to tempt me. But I had nothing to argue about because he is not my judge.

He said, "Please don't drive in my presence, I am going to be moving on."

I gave him a Heaven Vehicle Code book. Upon receipt of the book he said, "Now that I have accepted your book, would you please accept these citations. Please be courteous as I have been courteous to you."

"I would love to, but those are not my citations. They are not my property. I cannot take them."

Just before leaving, he said, "Don't drive." But then as he was leaving he said, "Please drive safely."

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