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Going to Jail



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Keeping Records

Going to Jail One way to be thrown in solitary confinement is to refuse to acknowledge your old State birth certificate name. When I was in jail, the guard called out a name other than Paul Revere. I did not respond. "Pick up your bedding," he demanded. It happened fast. We were on our way to solitary confinement.

As we walked, the jailer was busy writing notes on his clipboard and admonishing me. "If you would just cooperate with us, these things would not happen."

I looked him in the eyes and said, "You may be keeping the records for the State, but my Father in Heaven sees all." The jailer turned color and never would look me in the eye again. He had been humbled.

It is the State who is so diligent about keeping records and they decide what is written. They are professionals at making us appear to be evildoers. They color their reports with derogatory statements like, "He refuses to cooperate." Another observer might simply say, "He does not acknowledge that name." But the State slants their records to justify sending a man to solitary confinement.

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