Embassy of Heaven

Going to Jail



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Disposition of Citations

Going to Jail You're now either dressed in jail clothes or you've declined to put on their clothes and you're back in the drunk tank. Possibly a police officer will come back and attempt to issue you citations. Perhaps he has located you as some other name - a name used by the old man before he was born into the Kingdom. He does not recognize your citizenship in Heaven. He believes that you're one of the "disobedient" citizens of the State. He starts reading out the citations.

If you refuse the citations, they don't just disappear, they don't throw them in a trash can. They end up with your personal belongings in the locker. When you're finally coming out of jail, whenever that day may be, the citations will be given to you - in a brown paper sack. You thought you were rid of them. But no, they have a surprise waiting for you - they'll make sure you walk out with those citations.

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