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Going to Jail



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Going to JailGuided Tour of Jail

"Have you come to see how Antichrist tortures men? There, look, he has locked them up in a cage, a whole army of them. Men should eat bread in the sweat of their brow. And he has locked them up with no work to do, and feeds them like swine, so that they should turn into beasts." Leo Tolstoy, RESURRECTION.

WA-ROOOH! RoooooH!!

The lights are flashing. The siren is squealing. Guess what? A police officer just pulled you over. The officer may have had several reasons for pulling you over. One - you didn't have any license plates, or two - you had Heaven plates. It doesn't matter, he's pulling you over. The officer walks up to you as you roll down your window and says, "May I see your driver license?"

Now you are in one of two situations, either you don't have a driver license or you have a driver license - and it's from Heaven. You talk with him, you plead, you pray - you just about have a heart attack. But the ending result is no matter what you say, no matter what you do, this time, you're going to jail.

What are you going to do when confronted with this situation? I want to take you through a guided tour of jail so that it isn't a total surprise if it ever happens to you.

If you're going to make a Christian stand, then you better be prepared to lay your life down - better be willing to let go of everything you hold dear. The adversary will take advantage of those things that you love and use them to persuade you to compromise and sell your inheritance for a "mess of pottage." And, unfortunately, they use force and violence to get what they want. Even though you are not forceful or violent, they are. And so we have two different arenas clashing. We have an act of love on your part met with an act of evil on their part. Whether you like it or not, that's the rules.

The officer looks at your identification and he's not satisfied. Maybe God has given you a new name and it is not listed in their computers. He's unhappy with your name because he can't find you in their criminal system - as if you should be there. The officer makes a flimsy excuse:

"Well, we're going to have to take you down to the station to identify you."

"But I have identified myself. I've told you who I am, you can call the Church, you can call my family, there's all kinds of . . ."

"I'm sorry sir, unless you identify yourself, we're taking you to jail."

"But I have identified myself."

"But we can't find you in our computers."

"Well, I shouldn't be in your computers."

"I don't care, we're taking you to jail unless you give us a positive identification which we can verify in our records."

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