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Going to Jail



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Fasting Focuses Moral Issue

Going to Jail Through fasting, you imitate Christ by bearing the sins of policemen, jailers and judges. These are the ones whose positions are based on using violent measures against anyone who does not obey them. They jail you for violating one of their arbitrary rules. They know you have committed no evil. You begin fasting in their jails and declare you are obeying Someone higher than them. It sets their consciences in motion. They begin examining what is morally right or wrong. They begin to doubt the godliness of the system and that is the first step toward repentance.

When you go to jail for the sake of righteousness, it brings to bear a moral force upon the officials who jail you. When they see you are an apparently decent, peaceful individual going to jail and laying down your life for what you believe, it is a very moving and morally searching thing. The officials wonder what makes you do it? What is the matter with you? Why are you willing to go to jail and fast in this quiet manner? What are your beliefs all about? It is moral judgement day against the persons and system that is jailing you.

Fasting calls attention to the moral issue. Perhaps by your suffering, others may see the Light and be redeemed from the wickedness of their ways. For fasting to be effective, you must be living an upright life, serving others. If a person ever fasts for selfish reasons, such as to get out of jail, or to receive special benefits or privileges while in jail, the fast will lose its redemptive value. Fasting focuses on the moral issue. It centers on the suffering of one person and makes his captors act quickly lest the sufferer die.

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