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Going to Jail



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Wanting Nothing from them

Going to Jail by Abraham

I am a pretty big chicken, but when I go to jail, I go in to die. My life on the "outside" has ended, and I am Christ's prisoner. I do not want anything the jail has to offer. I don't want their jail clothes, their food, their release agreements, or their phone privileges. This might seem hard core but this attitude can have positive results. The last time I was in jail, an arresting officer handed me the phone and said I had a call.

"Sorry, I am not taking any phone calls," I said firmly.

The policeman looked flabbergasted, "But it's your buddy Duane, aren't you going to talk to him?"

"Sorry, I am not authorized to receive any phone calls."

The deputy could not believe it. He was too shocked to say anything. He could not have power over me because there was nothing I wanted, not even a phone call. I felt the power of God because I did not want anything the jail had to offer.

Previously when I was in jail, the biggest thing on my mind was "getting out of jail," not Jesus Christ. My desire to be released, gave the jailers power over me. Finally I realized that I was Christ's prisoner, not theirs. I held office for Jesus Christ and my responsibility was to His office, not to the officers of the county. When I acknowledged that Jesus Christ was my true authority, I was set free of the jailers' power. +++

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