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Second Time in City and County Jail

Going to Jail Quinn drove me to the City of Stayton police station. We entered the jail and I was placed in the cell. During my stay, he took my picture and fingerprints again. Another man was brought into the jail for not paying fines.

After several hours, the two of us were released from the cell. The other man was allowed to make a phone call so that someone could secure his home and feed the dog. I was also allowed to make a five minute phone call to the Embassy. We were then put into the back of the patrol car.

The State of Oregon law requires all passengers to wear seat belts. I requested a seat belt and was the only one wearing a seat belt. Anderson drove us to Marion County Jail in Salem.

County Jail Fails to Book

Marion County Jail is a new facility. It does not have the usual jail bars. It is a large concrete building with many hallways. Each prisoner has his own cell. I heard that some of the cells have two beds.

Upon entering the parking lot, Anderson drove up to a speaker box. He talked with the jail personnel and was given instructions. He then drove into one of the large garage doors and stopped the car. The garage doors were then closed and we were let out of the car.

Anderson walked us into a reception area. It was a narrow room. Officer Guest frisked us and removed our coats and belts. I had a Bible with me and he took it, too. I refused to sign for the property they removed.

Guest called me by a false name and I politely corrected him. He refused to acknowledge my baptismal name and he made nasty remarks. He said, "Why do they have to send us people like this one? Why don't they send them over to Linn County instead?"

I was then moved into a large central room. There were about ten cubicle rooms on the right for talking with court release officers and several holding cells on the left. I was placed into the third holding cell. It was about seven feet long by five feet wide with a tall, narrow window. There was one stainless steel combination toilet, sink and fountain. The bed used the entire length of the room and had a hard, plastic-covered mattress. The cell door was made of solid steel with a small window that could be closed from the outside.

Normally events move slowly in jail. However, this night was exceptionally busy. About every fifteen minutes, someone from the jail would come to the cell. Each time I was addressed by a fictitious name to which I would respond, "That is not my name. My name is Paul Revere. I am an Ambassador of Jesus Christ of the Kingdom of Heaven. The City of Stayton, Marion County Jail and the State of Oregon Courts are trespassing. I request that I be returned to the Embassy of Heaven."

The usual response was to ignore my statement of intent and to continue with their agenda. As the evening progressed, different jail personnel would visit the cell.

Several times, one individual wanted me to answer medical questions. "Are you taking any medication?"

"You are not my caretakers. My Embassy will take care of me."

"We will be taking care of you while you are in our jail. Please answer a few questions so that we can make sure that you have proper care."

"My Embassy has all the information and the Angels will take care of my health."

After several tries, he would slam the door and leave.

Another individual would come and ask if I would submit to the booking process.

"You are trespassing upon the Kingdom of Heaven. I will not submit to being photographed and fingerprinted."

He would slam the door and make some nasty comment.

"Would you like to go back to your Embassy? If you answer a few questions, we might be able to release you."

"Marion County Jail is trespassing upon the Kingdom of Heaven. I have no need to make any agreements with a trespasser."

The release officer would say, "If you do not want to be released, that is your choice." And the door would slam.

Jail Supervisor Visits

I told several people that I wanted to see the Jail Commander. Just before the 11:00 p.m. "lights out," a woman with a long white medical jacket and several corrections officers came to the cell. She said, "The Jail Commander is gone for the day and I am standing in for him. I was informed that you wanted to talk to the Jail Commander."

"Yes. I have a complaint. I have been treated in a manner that is not respectable for my position. From the moment I entered this jail, I have been called by a name that is not mine. I have corrected each person and they refuse to acknowledge my true baptismal name. I am the pastor of the Embassy of Heaven Church. Marion County Jail is trespassing. As a pastor of the Lord Jesus Christ, the personnel in this jail are mocking me. What you do to me, you have also done unto Jesus Christ."

"I am very sorry to hear this. I apologize for the disrespect caused by our staff. I will correct the situation. I will inform our personnel to call you by your correct name, but your name tag and court information will have to remain under the original name."

"That is not acceptable. I am still being persecuted."

She left the cell and nothing changed. Someone brought me one blanket and the lights were turned out at 11:00 p.m. I was able to peek through a crack in the door and see several guards playing cards. Every hour a guard would come to the door, open the window, shine a flashlight on me, close the window and then go back to playing cards.

The next day, February 8, 1994, breakfast was served around 7:30 a.m. I informed them that I was fasting.

The same thing went on all morning as the previous night. They wanted to take pictures and fingerprints. They wanted health information. I refused on the grounds of trespass on the Kingdom of Heaven. Each person that demanded information refused to acknowledge my true name of Paul Revere.

Release Officer Visits

Around noon, I talked to a woman release officer. She had many questions, but I only gave her my true name, Church address and phone number. I said I was not employed by the State, and was the Pastor of the Embassy of Heaven Church. She wanted information for a standard release, but I refused. I told her that I should not be in jail or be charged with a crime because the State is trespassing on the Kingdom of Heaven. She said, "Tell it to the Judge at 1:30 p.m. today." The previous night, I was told by the acting Jail Commander that I was being held on a failure to appear on a driving while suspended charge, which is merely an infraction. Now I was told by the release officer that I was being held on a failure to appear on a failure to carry and present driver license charge, a misdemeanor.

The officers were demanding to take my fingerprints and picture. They agreed to wait for the judge to give them that right.

First Court Appearance

At 1:30 p.m., I was taken to court before 'Judge' Wilson. As usual, He addressed me by a fictitious name. I corrected him and he addressed me as Paul Revere out of courtesy. He said the charge was "failure to display license," and asked if I wanted counsel. I answered by stating that I am an Ambassador of Jesus Christ of the Kingdom of Heaven, that I was abducted from the highways of the Kingdom of Heaven in a Heaven vehicle, and that the City of Stayton, Marion County Jail, State of Oregon, and this court are trespassing on the Kingdom of Heaven and are hereby given notice. He ignored me and asked for a plea to the charge. I told him that a statement of trespass would be coming in writing and a baptismal certificate would show my true name. He said to present it at the trial and he would enter a not- guilty plea. I told him that I objected and removed his power of attorney, if he had one. He said the trial would be set for February 15, 1994.

I then said that I had a question. Judge Wilson said, "Probably a lawyer can answer that question for you." I said, "I am quite sure you can handle this one." I asked for the bill of particulars. He said it should be on the citation. I said it was not and I needed to know exactly what document the police officer wanted me to present. He said he did not know the answer and I was removed from the courtroom.

Guards attempt Fingerprinting

Upon arriving back at the booking area, the jail people demanded my picture and fingerprints. "We are going to take your fingerprints." I said, "No, you are not. The judge did not make an order to fingerprint me. I am not going into population. Return me back to the holding cell."

Then they forced me into this little cubicle area where they do the prints. They had a place there to take a picture. I put my head down and they would shove my head over to take a picture. I think they took three shots. I tightened up, scrunching my hands and arms. A guard grabbed my arm and tried to pull it away from my body. He said, "Look, we are going to get your fingerprints whether you like it or not."

"You may be able, but you are still trespassing. This is Christ's property, not State property."

It seemed like everybody in the whole jail was there in the booking place trying to get my fingerprints. I said, "Look folks, I am in the seat of Christ and you folks are the Centurions of Rome."

"Oh no, that can't be!"

"Look at what you are doing. You are persecuting the least of His. What you do to me, you have done unto Him."

"We are not like the Roman Centurions."

"Do you know who took Jesus and crucified him as I am being crucified today? It was the centurions of the Roman Empire. Do you know what that is equivalent to today? It is the policemen of the State of Oregon."

"Don't put us in that category."

"You can't get out of it. You are doing to me as they did to my Lord Jesus Christ. They not only did it to Jesus but they did it to all of His followers, every one of them. All of them were crucified and martyred because of the cause of Christ and for our Heavenly Father. John is an exception. He lived out his life in prison.

"Watch what you are doing and look at yourselves. You guys are trespassing and you have been from the beginning. I am being crucified in a similar way as Jesus was crucified by the Centurions in the time of Rome."

"But you are not being crucified."

"Look folks, I am being crucified as Jesus was crucified."

"We aren't putting nails in your hands and putting you on a cross."

"What's the difference! If you steal a man's life whether it be throwing him in a cell or hanging him on a cross, you still took his life. You are doing the same thing. What you do to me as Christ's property, you have done directly unto Jesus."

By this time, at least a dozen men and women on the staff are crowded in the booking area. And everybody is watching.

One lady was watching me from the other side of the counter. I looked her square in her eyes as they were trying to use force on me. I said, "Look young lady, you know exactly what I am talking about. If someone was raping you, no matter how they changed their argument, it is still rape. And no matter how much force they applied, it is still rape isn't it?"

"Oh, you can't use that as an example."

"Yes, I can. What is the difference? I am also being trespassed upon."

She was really offended when I started using rape as an example. Well, I was being raped! They were raping what belongs to Christ.

One guy kept saying, "Hey, let's forget this." They would try and try, and finally they gave up. One of the men stepped up and said, "Look you, while you are on earth, Judge Wilson is god." This was another way of saying, "We have no king but Caesar."

I said, "He may be your god, and there are many gods, but for me there is only One, the Lord Jesus Christ and His Father in Heaven. I am ready to go back to the holding cell."

"Nope, we are going to go ahead and process you."

Jailers Force Jail Clothes

"I am not going to put on your jail clothes, that is jail covering. The clothes that I wear are Christ's covering."

"We will see about that!"

Then they all dragged me into the shower area. I tensed up and they pulled my clothes off. There were probably four of them involved.

A man of Spanish descent, who I think was Catholic, spoke a statement very quietly. I was unable to hear what he said, but I recognized the rhythm. As soon as I heard it, I said, "What did you say?"

They were trying to pull my arms apart to remove my shirt while we were talking. The jailer said, "Never mind."

"No, I did not quite hear you, but I want to know what you said. It is important to me."

"No, no, if you were in the Spirit you would know what I said."

So then I immediately closed my eyes as they were tugging at my body. I came into the Spirit and said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." I also spoke more Scriptures. Eventually, they were able to take all my clothes off and throw them in a bag.

One of the men pushed the shower button. I was pushed into the cold water and immediately everybody went out the door. I stepped out of the water and one of the men pushed me back into the shower. This happened several times.

The men came back into the shower and slowly forced the jail clothes on my wet body. I was then handcuffed so that I could not remove the jail clothes. They tried to put sandals on my feet, but I refused to put them on.

Thrown in "the hole"

We then walked down several long halls to POD D3. They originally were going to put me in a populated area. Since there were no single cells available, they walked me over to POD D4, which is known as, "the hole." This is where they put people in solitary confinement.

I told the officer, "Leave the handcuffs on my hands."

"No. These are my handcuffs."

"How much do you want for them. I will buy them from you."

He never responded. He continued to remove the handcuffs and then everyone filed out of the cell. The door was electronically activated and the door slammed shut. I spent the next eight days in cell 102.

The excitement of having encounters with the jailers came to an end. Now I would spend long periods of time without contact with anyone. I had a new problem. I had made some commitments to the court. In order to submit my Baptismal Certificate and other documents to the court, I needed to contact the Embassy and instruct the staff to send the papers.

I asked the first guard that came to the cell if I could make a telephone call to the Embassy. He said no. I told him the call was to legal counsel at the Embassy and it was important. He said it was not important enough. I made the mistake of offering to submit fingerprints without my signature in exchange for a phone call. He said he would pass on the word. It became obvious that the answer was no. I then decided not to give fingerprints. The guard told me the only way to contact the Embassy was by letter. I didn't get paper for another forty-eight hours.

As the day turned into evening, I realized that I had painted myself into a corner. It became obvious that the people working for the State of Oregon had put me into a situation where I needed action now and they were not in a hurry. The question that came into my mind was, "How do you get out of a corner that you have painted yourself into without spoiling the paint?" The answer is simple, "Wait until the paint dries." The only thing I could do was remain patient.

At 8:00 p.m. that night, I was scheduled to be a guest on WERE radio station in Cleveland, Ohio. My wife Rachel went on the air instead. Later, I heard she did a good job of preaching the Kingdom.

Adjusting to Surroundings

The next day, February 9, 1994, was uneventful. Each guard addressed me by a false name and each time I corrected them. Meals were served three times a day and I did not eat any of them. The cell was cold and I stayed under the covers most of the time to keep warm. I had two blankets, two sheets and a very hard mattress. I already had sores on my hips and my back ached. My feet were always cold and as would be expected, I was hungry. It looked like the State was going to put me through the long test. I prayed that I would stand until the end and not give up my faith and allegiance to Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven.

In this cell there was a window six inches wide and about six feet tall. I had a view of Oregon Correctional Institute, which is the State prison. The rolling green hills were pretty. I could watch the weather, the fence and the mountains. It was awkward to look out, but I could see if it was snowing, raining, or sunshining.

I had a system to keep track of days. In the room was a short pencil, but no paper. I knew the date I came in. If I did not start keeping tabs immediately, I was going to lose track of the calendar. What I did was write S M U W H F S on the wall. I came in on Monday so I wrote the number 7 under the letter M. Each morning I wrote in the next number under the next day of the week. This enabled me to keep track of the calendar.

Time can be estimated by watching events. Usually a guard will give the time when asked. Some standard events are at the same time each day: Breakfast at 6:00 a.m., lunch at 11:30 a.m., dinner at 5:00 p.m., lights out at 11:00 p.m. The position of the sun in the sky is helpful, too. Obvious times are sunrise and sunset.

The mattress was about five and a half feet long and hard as a rock. I am six feet long. There was no pillow and my feet always dangled over the edge. I had two sheets that were very thin and silky. They slipped all over the plastic-coated mattress, and I could not keep them stable. The two thin blankets were square, not rectangular, and they were only about five and a half feet long. To keep warm and to cushion the mattress, I would put down one blanket onto the bed and have it hang onto the floor. Then I would take the second blanket and do the same thing, except offset. This way I could cause some additional length. Then I would do the same with the sheets. I would bring the whole package off the floor and bring it up and around me like a sandwich. To keep the cold off my back, I would have to reach underneath myself, grab the blanket and pull it tight with my body on top of the other end.

I could not toss and turn. When I would start to cramp, I would have to do the whole thing over and sleep on my other side. I attempted to sleep on my back, but for some reason it gave me a horrible backache. Many times fasting will cause backaches because your organs are sitting on your spine. I literally had black and blue spots on both my hips.

For a pillow, I attempted to use a folded towel. It did not make a very good pillow.

I was fighting a draft. There were two vents in this particular cell. One of them was pointing right at the bed and it poured out cold air. I could hear the noise of fans 24 hours a day. And the temperature was uniform. It was always that same cold temperature. I finally took the towel and placed it up on the vent so that it would keep the air from flowing over me.

When one of the guards came into the cell, he saw the towel over the vent. He yanked it down and said, "It's against the rules." He put it back on the wall rack. After he left, I took single sheets of toilet paper and folded them in halves until I had quarter-inch thick rectangles. The vent had slots of two columns of twenty rows and I put the folded toilet paper into one of those slots. It took awhile, but eventually all the slots were covered. The air flow was dramatically reduced. Cold, still air is much more comfortable than cold, breezy air.

The cell has a stainless steel toilet and sink combination. There is no seat. Three buttons controlled the water: hot, cold and flush.

The guards provided me with a Styrofoam cup, toothbrush, toothpaste, and pencil. I would fill up the cup and then set it on the shelf. By waiting a couple of hours before drinking the water, most of the chlorine would dissipate.

You are only supposed to have one Styrofoam cup. They deliver a Styrofoam cup at breakfast and remove it at dinner. I broke the law. I had three at one time, till I got caught. They said, "You're not supposed to have all these. This is contraband." If it is not authorized to be in the jail, it is contraband. So at times the Styrofoam cup is lawful, at other times it is not lawful.

My feet were always cold. I figured out a way to warm them up. By holding the hot water button down a couple of minutes, the water would eventually warm up. I put one foot into the sink and placed the ball of my toe into the drain. My toe acted as a stopper to keep the water from draining out. It took about four or five minutes to fill the sink with warm water. I would let my foot soak until it turned red. When I was ready to warm up the other foot, I used a towel on the floor to dry the first foot and would put my other foot in the sink before the water ran out. I went back and forth until both feet were warm.

Another way to keep my feet warm was to take one foot and place it between the folded knee. It was probably the most successful way to keep my feet warm. I could not sleep when my feet were cold.

Saved from Mental Breakdown

It is hard to stay with the Spirit. Fighting the flesh, the cold and hard-hearted jailers makes you want to give up the battle. One night, I could not keep the blankets on. Every time I would turn, the cold would come under the covers. The mattress was rock hard and both of my hips were bruised. I could visibly see my bruises. I just quietly said, "Father, I know this is for a purpose. I know that I have to continue what is started. I know I do not have full understanding, but you know the secrets of my heart. I wish you would get me out of here."

I was so frustrated that I came close to a mental breakdown. What was even worse, was that I knew it could be worse. Do you know what happened after I said that little prayer to Him? I fell asleep. The next thing I knew it was morning. He took me through the night.

On February 10, 1994, the guards were concerned about my not eating. A male nurse, William, talked with me at midday. He recognized my right to obey the highest authority when laying my life down in fasting. He said that I would be visited each day. If I became too weak, he would relocate me for constant observation. That was the only day he visited me for the next eight days.

At about 8:00 p.m., a guard finally brought me four pieces of paper and 2 envelopes. I used all the paper to record the events and mail them to the Embassy. The guard also brought a letter from the District Attorney's office. I pushed the paper under the door and the next guard would push it back. This went on through the evening.

Inmate Hangs Himself

Earlier in the evening, they brought a young man into "the hole," in cell D4-103. He was upset. He felt he was unjustly being punished and that it wasn't his fault. He believed someone else caused the event that sent him to, "the hole." He was pounding on the door and cussing and swearing. The guards finally came in and chained him to the bed. After a while they came back and removed the chains.

At first he was real noisy and then he went real quiet. Eventually the guards came back and said, "You are being written up, do you want a hearing or do you want to waive it?" The prisoner in cell D4-104 started talking, "Hey, you might as well waive the formal hearing because it is a kangaroo court. If you go to the formal hearing, you are just going to get in worse shape and you are stuck here a minimum of seven days in order to get that hearing. If you just waive it and have the superintendent make a decision, you will be out of here in no time at all." The guards did not stop him from talking.

Finally the kid decided to have a formal hearing, "Now you guys let me out of here." The guard said, "No, you will probably be here seven days and then you will get your formal hearing." That made him even madder. But then he went quiet, real quiet.

At about 10:30 p.m., there was a commotion. The man in cell D4-104 said, "Oh, he hung himself." You cannot see into each other's cells, but you can see through the big cracks in the sliding doors.

He probably saw the torn up towel made into a rope, the blood on the floor, and the kid being dragged out into the hall. With a loud voice he said, "Whoa, he hung himself!" When the guard came into the cell with a mop, he asked, "Is there much blood on the floor?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah," but the guard didn't really want to talk about it too much. I believe the young man was still alive when he was removed from the cell. He needs prayer. As you can see, the jail does everything it can to make things look hopeless.

Second Court Event

Friday, February 11, was an uneventful day. But at about 4:00 p.m., as I was sleeping, the door slid open and a guard yelled, "You are going to court." Within moments, I was walking down the long halls to the court. I was trying to wake up and before I knew it, I am standing in the corner of the courtroom before the Judge.

Judge Wilson uses my name of Paul Revere and states that the court date has been changed from February 15 to pre-trial on February 25 and trial on March 9. He also stated that he understood that I believe the court does not have jurisdiction. He said that I was being charged with failure to carry and display a driver license, driving while suspended and failure to appear. Originally they also had the charge of giving false information, but they dropped that charge. He wanted to know if I had an attorney and if I understood what he said. I did not answer his questions and said that I had several questions.

In my weakness, I tried to use a provision in an Oregon statute to get the failure to carry and present charge reduced to an infraction. The statute states that the district attorney must announce at arraignment that he or she is proceeding criminally, or the charge is treated as an infraction, which is not jailable.

I told Judge Wilson that I did not witness the District Attorney declare on the record that they were going to proceed as a crime according to ORS 163.565 and the failure to carry and present charge should proceed as an infraction. He smiled and told me that the District Attorney declared their intent to proceed as a crime prior to all the cases. I said that the court proceeded without my knowledge and in secret. He said, "Yes." Fortunately, I did not spend much time in this direction, for it is vain to argue men's statutes.

I then asked a question about the charge. I wanted to know what specific document the police officer wanted to see. I wanted a bill of particulars. He smiled at me and said all the information should be on the citation or discovery. I was then handed eighteen pages of discovery by the District Attorney. I said that I doubted if the bill of particulars was in the State's discovery, but I would look through the document.

This closed out the session.

At this moment, I remembered that the jail was preventing me from contacting my Embassy. "Hey look, if you want me to make answer to this court, I need an avenue in order to make that answer. I am being denied telephone. I have been denied a law library. I have asked for and have been denied writing paper. If you want an answer, you are going to have to open up the doors. It is your problem."

He said, "We will see that you get some paper."

Then I said, "I didn't realize that when someone goes to the hole, how slow government really moves. It is a very oppressive and depressing place in your jail. Over the last several nights, I have watched people coming into the hole. The guards are causing depression by lording over the prisoners. Besides that, last night there was a young fellow that hung himself because he believed that he had been wronged and had no recourse."

The judge lowered his head and said, "I am sorry to hear that." This closed out the session and I was quickly removed from the courtroom.

As I was moved down the long hallways back to "the hole," one of the guards said, "Oh, we will definitely see that you get some paper." It was three more days before I received paper for writing to the Embassy of Heaven.

That night, around 8:00 p.m., a guard brought me several sheets of paper and a pre-addressed envelope to Judge Wilson. He stated that the Judge felt that I was not satisfied with the proceeding. He asked me to put my concerns in writing.

I sent the following letter to the judge on Sunday, the 13th:

 February 11, Year of our Lord, 1994

Embassy of Heaven SealPaul Revere, Pastor
Embassy of Heaven Church
VIA Postal Service Box 77
Sublimity, Oregon [97385]
(503) 769-5034

Office currently located at Marion County Jail; POD D4; Room 102

Judge Wilson
Marion County Courthouse
P.O. Box 12869
Salem, OR 97309-0869
(503) 588-5228

Re: Unanswered questions in Court on February 8 and February 11, Year of our Lord, 1994.

Greetings from the Kingdom of Heaven. May His Peace abound.

A Marion County Corrections Officer visited my room at around 8:00 p.m. this evening. He said that you felt that I still had unanswered questions and he offered me this piece of paper and an envelope to express myself in writing.

I appreciate your consideration and patience. You have expressed that I have no respect for your Court. I want to reassure you that my attitude toward your Court has nothing to do with my being disrespectful. It is just that our relationship in the body politics does not place your office in a position of "Higher Authority" over me. If given an unhampered and free opportunity, I will be glad to lay out the foundational support for this relationship in writing. I assure you that your office has an important role in your realm.

There are many issues that I would like to present. Many of them are more foundational and establish who is under what law. I believe, if given an opportunity, that I can prepare an answer for my conduct. I believe that you will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for our Church.

Unfortunately, being housed at Marion County Jail makes it very difficult for me to prepare such an answer because I have been separated from my staff and equipment. At the jail, I cannot use the phone, paper is sparse, and assistance by the jail staff is poor. I am also fasting and the room is cold and the bed is hard with short blankets. In other words, it is hard to work under these conditions. I would like to propose a better solution.

I am willing to be transported by one of your officers to the Embassy of Heaven. I will remain there with my staff and prepare a document that should shed light on my conduct. This document, hopefully, should set aside the proceedings and a trial would not be necessary. I anticipate that it should take seven (7) days to complete. After the seven days, one of your officers would transport me back to the Marion County Jail. You may contact Duane Fletchall, Deputy Sheriff, as a character reference.

My Yes's are Yes, my No's are No.

In the Name of Jesus Christ,
Embassy of Heaven
Paul Revere, Pastor

Judge Wilson never responded to my letter. Even as I placed the letter under the door for delivery, I realized the State judge would continue to treat me as State property and not Christ's property.

Paper and pencil is hard to come by. I used the supplied paper to write to Judge Wilson. In order to write to the Embassy, I used the back side of the discovery papers. As part of the jail's standard operating procedures, on Sunday I was given six sheets of paper and three stamped envelopes. This is not much paper when you are trying to write a book. The pencils here are short, about 5 inches long. After about one paragraph of writing, the point is dull. A method of keeping the pencil sharp is to find a rough spot on the bed frame and use it as a sharpener. I placed the pencil on its side and filed down the lead. By turning the pencil, all sides are filed and a sharp point is made. When the lead is too short, I carefully tear off parts of the pencil wood, being careful not to break the lead or expose too much lead and make it weak.

By Monday, February 14th, I had many hours to reflect on my stay in jail. My basic prayer was "Father, please open my eyes to see the things you want me to see." I believe that my prayers have been answered. The following is an excerpt from my letter to the Embassy of Heaven while I was in "the hole."

 Many truths have been revealed to me while being here. I wish I had more paper to write them down. Here is more information on the word, "person," as used in State statutes.

Who, specifically, is included in the subset of "persons"? Does it include everyone on earth, or only residents, or even a special group? It turns out that it depends on who wrote the law and what elements are in the statute. As an example, if a rule stated that all "persons" must be up in the morning at 6:00 a.m., then the "persons" affected would only be those under the control of the rule-maker. Does this mean only residents? No. Even guests would be affected if they came into the control area of the rule-maker. Foreigners could come under the jurisdiction of the rule-maker. This means a citizen of Heaven could come under the jurisdiction of a world authority.

What if the State makes a statute that says all "persons" must have a driver license to use the highways of this State. Normally, only State residents would be required to obtain a State driver license because they have made the lawmakers their god. Could the State's jurisdiction include other States' residents? Yes, depending on how aggressive that State wants to be. This is done by compacts and agreements with other States.

How about requiring a driver license for those who are not a resident with any State, such as citizens of Heaven? Yes. The reason is that the State claims the highways as their own and grants privileges to whomever they choose. Therefore, anyone who uses the highways in the State must have a driver license from a recognized State. This means jurisdiction includes everyone in the universe that wants to use the highways in the State.

Traveling without the State's permission looks hopeless, but not all bases have been covered. Remember that the State "claims" the highways in the State and grants permission to use them. Where does the State get the right to "claim" the highways? By the simple statement that the highways are needed for State purpose.

Let's take a short diversion. Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ established a Kingdom of Heaven by being crucified. Prior to His death on the cross, He commanded that His followers, "Go to all nations." This great commandment established the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus Christ claimed all highways and byways. Even the paths leading to everyone's doorstep became highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. How did Jesus get the right to "claim" the highways? By the simple statement that the highways are needed for His purpose.

The States came into existence about 1800 years after Christ's Kingdom and also made claim over the highways. Does the State's claim overrule Christ's claim? No. The State cannot undo what Christ did. What does this mean? It means that there are two jurisdictions over the same highways. Actually, there are many jurisdictions over the same highways. The United States of America claims the highways as post roads for the purpose of moving the mail. The military claims the highways for the purpose of protecting the people through the use of violence.

Is there a conflict between the jurisdictions? Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no. There might be a few squabbles, but most of those struggles have been resolved. How does one know which highway he is on? It is quite simple. Even though the highways have the same street names in all jurisdictions, they are discerned by the intended purpose of travel. All highways are established by "intent."

The purpose or intent of traveling down a highway establishes who is god over that highway. Even though the facts look identical, the purpose separates the jurisdictions. Scripture talks about this in several places. Two houses look the same, but have different foundations. Two women are at a millstone; one taken, the other one left. Two men are in the same field; one taken, the other one left. The difference between all these situations is the foundation or intent. Two people can be doing exactly the same thing and using exactly the same space and be under two different jurisdictions.

One man can drive down the highway and be under the State motor vehicle code and its regulations. Another man can drive down the same highway without those burdens. The second man is using the highways for the paramount claim of taking the Gospel to all nations. He is only subject to the light burdens of Jesus Christ. The State is trespassing if it tries to hamper the free travel of this man. The State cannot, without trespass, stop, detain, cite, arrest, imprison, or hear actions against such a man. If this man is stopped by an officer of the State, his only obligation is to state his purpose of travel in order to establish that he is using the highways of the Kingdom of Heaven. The State officer must then desist from taking action against him. Otherwise, the officer is trespassing on Christ.

A declared intent would be something like, "I am an Ambassador of Jesus Christ of the Kingdom of Heaven and I am using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven in obedience to the Great Commission. You are trespassing if you interfere with my duties and you have no jurisdiction on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven."

Jurisdiction is established by intent. Allegiance is one of those ways to establish intent. Signing contracts is another way to establish intent. When we are baptized into the Kingdom of Heaven, we have declared our intent and at that point the past is a bucket of ashes. Everything we do from that point on is building on Christ's foundation. In the Spirit realm, intent is the foundation that actions are built upon. The State cannot grant a privilege to use the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. They did not establish that foundation, therefore it is not theirs to manipulate. The State must convince us that we are using the highways in their State in order to manipulate our use of the highways. As long as we remain steadfast in Christ's Kingdom and stay on His highways, the State is barred from intervening with our use of the highways. Our struggle is not over citizenship, but over the use of the highways. The State might be able to use the police powers to regulate the highways in the State, but they have no right to interfere with the free travel on the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I hope all is well. I will try to write more if possible. Through my suffering, maybe we can reestablish the Kingdom of Heaven for future generations. May Jesus be glorified in all these writings.

In Jesus' Name we pray,
Paul Revere, Pastor

Moved to Medical Section

On Tuesday, February 15th, at 3:30 p.m., a guard announces that I am going to the medical section of the jail. He states that my fast has caused me to be relocated to an area where I can be watched closer. We travel down some long halls and he reissues new blankets, sheets and towel. We arrive at POD C4, room 101.

The cell looks the same. The door has a window and is opened with a key rather than a sliding electronic door. There is a small metal bench and table attached to the wall. The cell is cold and within a short period of time, I have stuffed toilet paper into the vent holes to stop the breeze.

This cell has a light switch. I can now control the lighting rather than having the jail staff control the lights. I never tried to turn the lights on after 11:00 p.m., so I do not know if they work after it is "lights out" time.

I do not know if they made a mistake, but within a half hour, I was allowed to come out of the cell into the "day room." We were in the day room from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

There were two television sets, three telephones and several tables and chairs in the day room. The guard had an office-style table, chair and computer terminal. There were five cells on both levels with a shower at the end. A large school-type clock was on the wall which made it easy to find out the time from within the cells.

After eight days of incarceration, I made my first telephone call to the Embassy of Heaven. The phones have a twenty minute cutoff and I made three calls which lasted an hour.

On the morning of the 16th, I was visited by William, a male nurse with one earring. He was the same individual that visited me in "the hole" the week before and had promised to visit me every day. This was the second and last time that I saw him. I was able to get an extra blanket which made a total of three, and a sweat shirt to keep me warmer. A little later, another blanket was delivered to me to make a pillow. I was now going first class.

I spent the day preparing an, "Answer and Notice of Trespass" for Judge Wilson. I tried to expose that the State's discovery information ignored the fact that my actions were based upon the Kingdom of Heaven as my foundation, not the State of Oregon. I sent the four-page letter to Judge Wilson.

On Thursday, the 17th, I sent my third and last letter to the Embassy of Heaven. My fast was beginning to slow me down. I had to be careful not to move too quickly. My mind was still active and I was now trying to find a way to bring light upon my situation. I spent the day writing a press release.

Officers Try to End my Fast

Friday morning, the 18th day of February, two lady corrections officers, Garland and Spencer, came to my cell with packages of candy, juice, a sandwich and milk. They pleaded with me to start eating again. They said they were concerned for my health. They used scripture as part of their plea, "The body is the temple of God and it is wrong to hurt the body."

I explained that the jail was trespassing on the Kingdom of Heaven and that I was going to wait until Jesus releases me back to the Angels at the Embassy of Heaven. I also used scripture, Matthew, Chapter 4, where Jesus was tempted by the devil. Jesus rebuked the devil and when the devil left, the angels of the Lord nursed Him back to health. They were unable to convince me to stop fasting and said they would talk with their supervisors. They left the candy and juice in the cell in case I changed my mind.

The noon meal was left in the door slot. I was not aware that someone had left it there. I went over to examine the food and looked out the window to see if anyone was watching. I did not see anyone. A little later a guard came and asked if I wanted to eat. I said no. This was odd, because normally everyone except me eats in the day room. I did not realize it was a trap to see if I would sneak any food.

A little later, I was permitted to be in the day room. I could tell that something was coming down, but I did not know what it was. I tried to make a call to the Embassy of Heaven, but everyone was out during the noon hour. I was able to contact the Embassy of Heaven Outpost in Seattle, Washington. I read the press release over the telephone and made them aware of my concerns.

At 1:10 p.m., the guard asked me to return to my cell. As I was walking, I noticed about four corrections officers at one of the exit doors. They were looking at me and one of them yelled out a name that I do not recognize. When I did not acknowledge the name, they called out Paul Revere and asked me to step into the room.

The room looked similar to a doctor's office. They had me sit on the examining table and a lady nurse took my blood pressure and listened to my heart and chest. A male corrections officer started drilling me with questions. "Did you eat anything off the food tray? Did you eat it or did you flush it down the toilet? If you do not eat, we will strap you down and force feed you with an IV." I did not answer him. The nurse became irritated at the officer. I was weighed by the nurse - 126 pounds. My normal weight is 140 pounds. I had lost 14 pounds during the last eleven days. I was then returned to the cell.

So far, this had been one of my most difficult days in jail. There had been one temptation after another and much pressure to abandon my fast and submit to their demands. Only by the grace of God did I remain steadfast. Little did I know that I was only a few hours away from being released.

Mental Health Exam

At around 2:00 p.m., Ron Turnquist from the Marion County Health Department came into my cell with several corrections officers. He immediately started asking me questions. "Before I answer any of your questions, I need to know who you are."

Ron told me his name and position and that he had been asked by the court to determine whether I was mentally competent and if I understood the charges. Then he asked another question. I answered, "You are probably not going to believe me, but if you really want to find out about me, you need to contact my Embassy. You will find out more through them."

He took down the telephone number and continued with more questions. "I assume that you think the whole world is coming to an end."

"We both know that it is eventually coming to an end and it is already on its way."

"And I suppose you are a piece of the Kingdom of Heaven right now."

"Yes, we are working day and night so we can have a Kingdom here and now."

"Did God tell you your name was Paul Revere?"

"What are you talking about? Are you trying to make me look like I talk to weird spooks in the air?"

"Well, how did you get your name?"

"An angel of the Lord told me my name."

"Oh, with feathers or what?"

"Boy, you guys really know how to make people look weird. It was a lady and she is an angel. I believe she has passed away now. She was impressed with my sincerity in Christ and asked if I would produce a Paul Revere newsletter. I said, 'What are you talking about?' And she said, 'You know who he is.' I said, 'Sure, he is the midnight rider, waking up the people.' She said, 'Is that not what you are doing?' I said, 'I guess I am,' and shortly after that I became Paul Revere, which was an act of God. The name was given to me. I also have a baptismal certificate which supports it."

"Isn't there something you can do to have the State of Oregon approve your name?"

"If Christ acknowledges my name, why do I need the State to acknowledge it? You have the problem, not me. You are the ones that are refusing the truth. You are hanging on to old, outdated records. Life goes on. Right now, today, I am Paul Revere and I am being persecuted."

We talked about many things and he appeared to be very knowledgeable about the Kingdom of Heaven. It looked like we were making progress and that he understood the difference between the State Christian Churches and the Kingdom of Heaven Churches. Within a short time, we covered many issues related to the fact that the kingdoms of this world are separate from the Kingdom of Heaven and we are the true government of Jesus Christ.

He was in a hurry and said, "I am going to court and I am going to tell the judge that you are not competent. You cannot determine reality from imagination."

"Would you please explain your conclusion."

"You cannot tell the difference between Heaven and earth."

I laughed and said, "You know the scriptures very well. The passage you were taught to pray says, 'Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.' You have just denied the very calling every Christian is supposed to have."

Ron did not answer me and was in a hurry to leave. I said, "Look, like I said before, you are very intent on not believing anything that I say. I recommend that you call my Embassy and you will find out that there are many other people who hold the same beliefs that I hold. If I am not competent, then you need to declare all the other people not competent, too."

Ron and the officers left the cell. I found out later that Ron did contact the Embassy. He found out that there are people all across America who hold similar beliefs and are willing to lay their lives down for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Moving Out

I was not allowed to go to court and they held the hearings in secret. I thought the day was over so I crawled into bed to rest. Within fifteen minutes, the cell door was again being opened. A single guard stood at the door and said, "You are moving out." I opened my eyes in bewilderment and asked, "Is there another place in jail which holds medical people?" He said, "No, you are going on the street."

I knew that this might be a trick, so I prepared myself mentally for coming back. I gathered my papers and moved all the bedding to a blue hamper in the day room. He gathered up the candy and tried to give it to me. I said that it was not my candy and it belonged to the nice lady corrections officers. We then walked down the long hallways to the release area.

They wanted me to sign property papers to which I refused. They gave me my clothes and I changed in a small room. When I came out of the room, they started walking me toward the exit. About halfway, the guard said, "Oh, there is one more thing." We stopped and returned to the door.

A release officer started reading a release agreement. I interrupted him, "I do not agree."

He continued to read and tell me about the penalties. "Look, I don't agree to it."

And he said, "Well, just sign here."

I said, "I told you, I don't agree with it. Write 'refused' if you want to put something down."

"You have still been served."

"Look, if you don't like the terms, throw me back in the cell," and he just huffed and walked off.

Several of the corrections officers that had given me a bad time showed up. I shook hands with them and wished them the Peace of Christ. I then walked down the short hall and out of the jail.

There was a pay telephone on the side of the building, but I decided not to use the phone. I walked several miles to town and made contact with the Angels of the Lord.

You have now experienced what I have experienced. We pray that you will go on to do greater things.

Letters from the Embassy

February 12, Year of our Lord, 1994


G O O D N E W S !


Marion County Correctional Facility
4000 Aumsville Highway SE
Salem, Oregon 97301

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Kingdom of Heaven. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for the Kingdom of Heaven has come unto you. Thank you for hosting our ambassador, Paul Revere, at your facilities. He will now be available for counseling 24 hours a day, for your convenience.

He is preaching the Kingdom of Heaven and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.

You are invited to stop by the Embassy of Heaven, now located at your facility, for a drink of living water. "Come forward, you who are thirsty; accept the water of life, a free gift to all who desire it." (Revelation 22:17)

In the name of Jesus Christ,

Rachel Revere


February 16, Year of our Lord, 1994

N O T I C E   O F   M I S S I N G   P A S T O R

Attorney General
Justice Building
Salem, Oregon 97310

Re: Paul Revere, Ambassador of Jesus Christ in chains
Marion County Case # 94D100435

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Since you are the chief law officer of the State of Oregon, we are inquiring about the whereabouts of Paul Revere, Pastor of the Embassy of Heaven Church. On February 7th, Quinn Stutheit of the Stayton Police, seized Pastor Revere from the Kingdom of Heaven Highways and apparently took him to the Marion County Correctional Facility. Members of our Church have called Jail Intake and they deny having anyone by the name of Paul Revere. Where are you hiding him?

Paul Revere wrote a letter to the Church saying he has been kept in solitary confinement since February 7th and has not been allowed any phone calls, not even to his legal counsel. Since the jail denies that they are holding him, we assume there is no way to get mail to him or for anyone to visit.

The Church has legal documents that are critical for Paul Revere to have, yet apparently no mail is reaching him because jail records do not reveal that they are holding him.

Paul Revere received his name from God through the custom of baptism and rebirth and has established his name through years of use. Could you please verify that Paul Revere is indeed being held in solitary confinement in the Marion County Correctional Facility and that he is being denied phone calls, mail, and visits? What is the purpose for the persecution of our Pastor?

May you know the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the name of Jesus Christ,
Glen Stoll, Office of Legal Counsel

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