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Going to Jail



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Obtaining License Just Little Thing

Going to Jail by Winston Churchill

The office of Ambassador here in Kansas has been receiving much attention. Brother John Steward of Jesus was released from jail on July 28th and I was imprisoned on August 3rd. So now my ministry has been transferred from the outdoors to this prison.

One positive aspect of prison life is that it gives me more time to study almost undisturbed, except that I am monitored and under constant observation. One day I began whistling and moments later a guard was in my cell asking questions. Didn't they remember the apostles singing in their jail cells?

My being in jail has given many people something to think about. Some have been really shook up about it. They know for certain the strength of my convictions. Some have asked me if it is worth the price.

One officer told me all I needed to do is get a driver license. The other officers rushed out to obtain a computer printout of my record. They brought it back and said, "Yeah, he is clean." Then they turned to me and said, "You can still practice your religion if you just get a State license." They tried to make me believe that obtaining a State license was a very small thing. I reminded them of Satan's temptation to Jesus. Satan wanted Jesus to do just one small act of worship to him and He would receive the kingdoms of the world! Jesus would not do it.

Over and over I was given opportunities to plant the Seed and share the Light in here. God can make it grow. The events leading to the jail term started in March when the police first started their manhunt. They have dragged me through three of their separate courts and many hearings until finally a judge sentenced me to two concurrent 60-day jail terms. This has given me many opportunities to witness for Jesus Christ. Also, the Heaven vehicle, with Heaven plates welded on, has been parked prominently at the front entrance to the courthouse all these months. They are doing their thing and I am doing my thing as an ambassador.

I could write more, but I am only allowed three sheets of paper and three envelopes per week. That is their rules. I am not complaining. I just hope to be a worthy servant and ambassador for Christ. Give my blessings to any and all concerned brothers. Do not let them be anxious about me. I will make it. It is the multitude on the outside that have been watching all these months that have been really shook up. The Light is shining - Salvation is real. The question is, What are they going to do about it?

Winston was released from jail rejoicing and full of the Spirit of the Lord. The enemy tried for months to separate Winston from his King, but they failed miserably. Hallelujah! In the Lord is victory. P.R. +++

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