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Going to Jail



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Going to Jail Handcuffs are normal procedure when transporting an arrested person to jail - but there are exceptions. Once an officer transported me to jail with no handcuffs. Several hours later when he was taking me to be transported to another jail, we walked side-by-side out to his car. When we reached the car the officer confessed, "In the 14 years that I have been on the police force, this is the first time I have not cuffed somebody. In fact I am breaking the rules."

Another time one of our Church members was taken to jail without handcuffs, again breaking the rules. When they reached the jail there was a large sign at the entrance:


The officer said, "Handcuffs are jail policy. I can't bear to do this, but I'll lose my job if I don't. Just as soon as we get inside, I'll remove the handcuffs."

The officer put on the handcuffs lightly - and they were only on for about 2 minutes.

These are officers who have been changed by our testimony. They are reluctantly doing their duty - but they don't like what they have to do. They know that they are dealing with a Christian. If you're receiving this kind of special treatment, you have definitely affected their conscience.

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