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Going to Jail



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Fast on outside First

Going to Jail When one of our citizens goes to jail, God usually leads them to fast from jail food. Some drink fruit juices and water. Others drink only water. Permanent damage to the kidneys may be caused by fasting without drinking plenty of water or other liquids. We typically fast for the duration of the jail stay. We have fasted on just jail water for up to 30 days.

Fasts can be healthy but they can also be dangerous - they can kill you. One of the hardest fasts on your body is a water-only fast, but that might be the only fast available when you're in jail. I highly recommend that before you attempt to fast in jail, that you try fasting on the outside. On the outside, you can fast on fresh juices and supply nutrients to the body so that you avoid potential problems. The hardest day of the fast is the third day and then it is easier. When you fast in the comfort of home, you can familiarize yourself with the changing feelings of your body. You can experience the consequences of moving too rapidly and then getting dizzy or fainting. Then when you experience these symptoms in jail, you won't panic. There is one physical advantage to a jail fast. You need not carry on your daily work activities - you can spend your time resting.

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