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Going to Jail



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Visit from Public Defender

Going to Jail While you are in jail, you may be visited by a public defender. This person is paid by the State to defend you against the State's charges. Is this person impartial? No, it is impossible. This person is being paid by the same people who put you in jail. In jail, I heard story after story of public defenders selling their clients down the river.

One day the guard announced I had a visitor. You won't know who your visitor is until you see him. When I arrived at the visitors' area, I was greeted by a public defender who had been assigned to my case.

"Well, how are we going to save you from this mess you're in," he began.

"Let's not talk about me. Let's talk about a client of yours named Robert. I wrote a letter pleading with you to consider Robert's innocence. All you could do was write back a snappy note saying, 'I can never remember, is it one if by land and two if by sea, or the other way around?'

"A man's life was being destroyed by a wicked court system and all you could do was joke about my name."

The public defender agreed that Robert was innocent, but still felt justified. "Robert was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe he needed to learn a lesson."

"Yes, but he was innocent and you did nothing to vindicate him. He did not even get a day in court. You persuaded him to plea bargain away his freedom and now he is stuck in a prison camp for who knows how many years."

I don't know if this lawyer felt any shame for what he had done, but at least he was told.

When you go to jail, you are on a mission to save others. Don't say, "Look what they are doing to me. Look how I am being violated." Focus on saving others, and you will be saved. Get it out of your head that the court system is fair or that there is any justice. These people are out to make a profit by prosecuting. They don't really care about what is right or wrong or whether you are innocent or guilty. They merely want to make merchandise of you.

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