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Going to Jail



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No Day in Court

Going to Jail by Thomas Michael Saint John

My story began as I traveled south in a Church vehicle identified by Heaven plates. As I traveled down the freeway, I passed five State police cars. The sixth one stopped me.

I pulled the church vehicle off the roadway as the officer approached me: "I stopped you because the vehicle had no State license plates. May I see your driver's license?"

I rephrased the request, "Are you concerned with whether I have authority to be out on the highways?" The officer agreed, and I presented my Church documents.

The officer went back to the squad car and attempted to check out the information on the Church documents. Returning, the officer began questioning me about my name. "If I can't identify you, I'm going to have to take you to jail."

"Well, have you contacted the Church?" I asked.

"No, and I'm not going to."

A big red tow truck pulled up in front of the Church vehicle and prepared for a tow. I asked the police officer, "Why are you towing this vehicle?" The officer would not answer, but told me to get out of the car and then reached in the open door and grabbed my arm. I did not resist. I was handcuffed and thrown in the police car. The whole incident took less than ten minutes, maybe less than five. When we arrived at the jail, my personal items were confiscated and I was expected to sign a property inventory. I declined and told them I am not authorized by the Church to sign anything. He wrote "refused" on the papers.

An officer came up with a name that appeared to fit my physical description. There was an outstanding warrant for that person. He wrote the citations to that name, assuming it was me. They were unable to get a positive identification so I was lodged as "John Doe." I never told them any name for myself. I simply told them to contact the Church. Every time they wanted information, I referred them to the Church.

I was thinking that the reason they don't know me is because I'm not written in the book of death. I'm written in the book of life. Of course they wouldn't know me.

It came time to take my fingerprints and pictures. I asked if they would use them against me. The people behind the counter said, "Oh no. If you haven't been involved in robbery or murder or something like that, it is just for identification." They tried to make it sound as harmless as they could. As I was escorted to the printing area I asked again, "Can this be used as evidence against me?" One officer finally admitted, "It certainly can and will, that is why we're taking it." I said, "It is my understanding that I am not required to give evidence against myself." He stopped in his tracks, grabbed me firmly by the arm, turned me around and escorted me into a holding cell saying, "We'll put you in here so you can think about it."

The fingerprinting officer returned later and asked why I would not cooperate. "I am without authorization from my Church to submit to your procedures." He became upset. A few minutes earlier, one of the supervisors had contacted the Church. Pastor Revere identified me over the phone, but the supervisor refused to believe him and abruptly hung up. He returned, frustrated, saying he couldn't get anywhere with the Church.

The next day, Tuesday, they didn't call me for court, nor did they call me Wednesday or Thursday.

Thursday evening they tried to release me. They told me to roll up. When they presented me with a release agreement, I told them I was under strict orders from the Church not to sign any agreements. They backed off a little. They said if I didn't sign it, they couldn't let me go. "Okay," I said, "you're under strict orders, I'm under strict orders. So be it." There was no further argument and I was sent back to the cell. I found out later there is no statutory requirement for signing a release agreement on a "Failure to Display License" charge.

On Friday, I met an officer who had stopped and cited Pastor Revere several years ago. He asked about the Embassy and wondered if we still used Heaven plates on our vehicles. His parting comment was, "Paul Revere thinks he lives in some 'other nation.'"

On Saturday evening, I was released without signing any papers or submitting to booking procedures. Within half an hour a fellow ambassador whisked me out to that "other nation" where the Body of Christ ministered to me. +++

If our Kingdom is not of their world, then remain in the Kingdom - do not go into their world.

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