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Going to Jail



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Going to Jail My wife wrote a series of letters while I was in jail to those officials involved in my imprisonment. After receiving the following letter, the assistant district attorney telephoned Rachel. She was in tears and said she didn't have the stomach to continue handling the case. She wanted Rachel to know she was resigning from her position. She not only quit the case. She quit her job.

Rachel continued writing letters to the district attorney, court and jail and I continued fasting. Soon two more district attorneys quit the case, one right after the other.

Finally, the fourth district attorney assigned to the case came up to me on the day of the scheduled trial. "We don't want you or your wife in our jails anymore. We are dropping the criminal charges."

Effective letter writing, combined with praying and laying down your life in jail, can bring even those with hardened hearts to an awareness of the Truth: 


Dear Friend,

Re: Paul Revere, Ambassador of Jesus Christ in Chains
Day Number Nine of Fasting for Your Sins

Grace and Peace to you. The next time you put on your uniform or robe, ask yourself what protection it affords you in the eyes of God? It seems that through wearing your special garb you consider yourself immune from God's law. Because of the position you hold in the State organization, you sacrifice your best human values - your moral sense, your forgiving nature, your sympathy with the afflicted, and blindly do your duty to the system

In your special uniform or robe you commit cruelties and inflict sufferings that you would never consider inflicting upon your neighbor in your private life. Families are broken-up, men's livelihoods are ruined, and innocent men come out of jail with criminal minds. Many of these men you help cast in prison have not committed an evil deed in God's eyes. They are innocent of wrongdoing, but are you?

You play your role in your special clothes and some poor wretch is thrown in prison. To me you may say, "I pity this man, but as a judge, prosecutor, sheriff, or police officer it is my duty to lock him up." And yet if your hand would not have been part of the process, you would not be guilty of inflicting suffering and cruelty upon this prisoner.

You say you have noble goals. You want to destroy evil in the world. "Evil is destroyed by punishing men in prison," you say. But returning evil for evil spreads evil. The more people use evil to drive evil away, the more evil grows. Evil can only be destroyed by returning good for evil. Read Christ's Sermon on the Mount to find the keys to abolishing evil.

My friend, have some pity on your own soul. There is a living God who gave you life. By right of creation, you owe Him certain duties and obligations. You suffer and torment others and lay up more suffering for the future. Yet the heavenly Father loves you and stands ready to forgive you, if you will only change your ways. Do not utterly ruin yourself for you will not always escape from God.

I am praying you will carry out your duties in the fear of the living God.

In Service to Our King,
Rachel Revere

One of our ambassadors writes letters to friends when he is in jail. He found out the jailers read everything that he writes before the letter is sealed. The letter is addressed to a friend, but in reality, the letter is intended for the jailers. He uses letterwriting as a way to evangelize.

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