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Going to Jail



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Do Not be Surety

Going to Jail The word "bail" is also used as a noun. Black's also defines bail as:

Bail, n. The surety or sureties who procure the release of a person under arrest, by becoming responsible for his appearance at the time and place designated. Those persons who become sureties for the appearance of the defendant in court.

Surety, n. One who makes himself liable for another's debts, defaults of obligations, etc. Webster's New World Dictionary, Second College Edition, 1970

Proverbs advises not to act as surety or bail for another lest you be left holding the bag. The one who is surety must bind himself to the court, agreeing to lose his funds or property if the accused fails to make appearances.

He who is surety for a stranger will suffer for it, but one who hates being surety is secure. Proverbs 11:15

Do not be surety for anotherDo not be one of those who shakes hands in a pledge, one of those who is surety for debts; if you have nothing with which to pay, why should he take away your bed from under you? Proverbs 22:26-27

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