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Going to Jail



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Release Officer Visits

Going to Jail At some point, a release officer will visit you. It may be early in the game, often the day you are arrested. The release officer uses your desire to be set free as a bargaining tool. He approaches you saying, "How would you like to get out of here?" My response is, "It doesn't matter whether I want to get out of here or not. If the Lord Jesus Christ wants me out of here, I will be released. If He doesn't want me out of here, there is nothing I can do. Therefore, it makes no difference what my desires are."

The release officer moves on with his agenda. "We want to see if we can get you out of here anyway. We have this release form. All you need to do is fill it out and sign at the bottom. If you'll do that, there is a good chance we'll turn you loose."

"Let me take a look at it and see what kind of agreements you want to make with me."

Usually the release officer leaves and when he returns, I hand back the form. I've filled in nothing.

"What's wrong, why haven't you filled in the form. Don't you want out of here?"

"Again, it's not what I want, it's what Jesus wants."

"Well, what seems to be the problem, how come you haven't filled it out?"

"I have a few questions. I notice Item 5 says I will obey all laws."

"Yes, do you have a problem with that? Are you lawless?"

"No, that's not my concern. If I'm already subject to the laws of the State, why do I have to promise to be under the laws of the State? Are you double binding me?"

And he becomes tongue-tied.

"I notice Item 2 says I'll submit to all orders and process of the Court. That's an open-ended agreement. I don't know what all the orders of the court are. Do you know what all the orders of the court are?"

The release officer says that's just part of jail policy.

"I don't care whether it is part of your policy or not, there is no way I can sign this. What if the court orders me to jump off a cliff. There's no way I'll agree to obey all the orders of the court."

The release officer says the intent is to make sure I come to court. But that is not what the agreement says. Still, if you want out of jail, you have to sign the agreement. Or, so they say. Don't let them deceive you. Our citizens are released without signing any agreements.

"I have another problem with this form - it requires swearing an oath. I don't swear oaths."

No Compromise"That's just the way we always do it."

"I'm sorry, but I don't swear oaths and I don't affirm anything either. I can't change one hair black or white. Matthew 5:36 God can do it, but I can't. There is no way I can promise what is required on this form."

At this point the release officer loses patience. "Then you're just going to have to sit here and rot."

The release officer is bluffing. They want you out of there because they have about ten more guys they want to bring in - and you're taking up room. Their business is marketing the bodies and souls of men and they have to "move them through." Revelation 18:11,13 Each and every body means M-o-n-e-y! You never thought you were worth money but to these guys you are. They receive a bounty on every body they bring in. They book you, bind you, then turn you loose. They know you'll be coming back to court and bringing them more money. They don't care who you are, as long as you're not a stickleback. That's a fish that's covered with spines. He pricks and snaps at everything he touches and is more trouble than he's worth. A stickleback doesn't submit to their demands. And what is worse - he doesn't pay them any money.

Court No
STATE OF OREGON v. ______________________________________________, Defendant

I, Defendant above named, on oath say and agree
1. To Appear and answer the above charge on the ____ day of _______________, 19___, at ___ AM/PM, Room ____, District Court ___, Circuit Court __, Traffic Court ___, Check posted daily calendar for courtroom assignment (central hall bulletin board) _______, in the County Courthouse, Warring, Oregon and thereafter as ordered by the Court until discharged;
2. To submit to all orders and process of the Court;
3. Not to leave Oregon without permission of the Court;
4. To keep the Court and my attorney advised of my correct address at all times and keep all appointments;
5. To obey all laws and notify the Court immediately if arrested or cited for any offense (other than minor traffic);
6. That I will immediately deliver to the Court any renewed or replacement driver's license or identification posted with this agreement;
7. That I will not have any direct or indirect contact with the victim(s) in this matter unless specifically authorized by the Court. "Victim" means the person or persons who have suffered financial, social, psychological or physical harm as a result of a crime..
8. To obey the following conditions:________________________________________________
I understand fully that:
1. A willful failure to appear in Court is a separate and serious crime punishable by fine and jail or prison sentence;
2. That the court may modify or revoke this agreement and my release within the discretion of the Court and may add conditions or require security to be posted;
3. That any breach of this agreement may be punished as a contempt of Court and result in re-arrest.
I have read, fully understand and voluntarily signed this agreement.
DATED:____________________ Signature of Defendant________________________________
ADDRESS (Number and Street, or Rt. and Box, City, State, Zip Code) Telephone Number
HT____________ WT____________ Eyes__________ Hair__________ Birth Date___________
I agree to be responsible for and supervise the within named defendant and to notify the Court immediately if the defendant breaches any of the conditions contained in this agreement.
I understand that to knowingly aid the defendant in a breach of this agreement or to knowingly fail to report the defendant's breach is punishable by contempt. Report any violation to the release office - 666-0666.
DATED:_____________________ Signature of Defendant_______________________________
ADDRESS (Number and Street, or Rt. and Box, City, State, Zip Code) Telephone Number
Driver's License No._______________ State_________________ Exp. Date_______________
Mcy. End. ____ Yes ____ No; Restrictions__________________________________________
Describe other identification_____________________________________________________
Received from defendant as a part of this agreement as security for appearance in Court until finally discharged in the within matter.
Subscribed and sworn to before me and receipted this __ day of __________ 19__, and
__________________________________ _________________________________
Printed name of Officer Signature of Officer
__________________________________ _________________________________
Title of Officer Agency

Distribution: Court-White Police-Goldenrod D.A.-Pink Defendant-Yellow Attorney-Green

Whether you sign their release agreement or not, they will still compel you with force and violence to appear in court. If you don't come in voluntarily, they'll arrest you and force you to appear. One release officer agreed with me. He said if you don't show up, with or without a signed release agreement, a warrant will issue for your arrest.

I saw their game and told one release officer, "You're trying to bind my conscience and make me feel guilty if I don't show up in court. I have your number."

When the first release officer fails, they try new tactics. They might send one officer who will be your "friend" and another who will be the "enemy." One will try to cozy up to you and the other will be the bad guy. They play each other off hoping their tricks will persuade you to back down from the stand you are making. Realizing these people are working for the Antichrist system, helps me keep up my guard.

It's really unfortunate, but you need to be able to try to make conversions and testify of Our King, yet at the same time not cast pearls before the swine. These officers are collecting information - information they hope to use against you. They are attempting to "get the goods on you" to keep you in the "lockup" for a long term.

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