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Going to Jail



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Homebase Works for Other Topics:

Going to Jail Why are you fasting?"

"Because I am a citizen of Heaven and my Lord Jesus commanded me to fast and be in prayer to Him."

Homebase is important, your mind needs it. When they ask the big question, homebase gives you your starting point:

"What are you here for?"

"I'm a citizen of Heaven and the State won't recognize my citizenship. I displayed a Heaven driver license and they threw me in jail. Can you imagine? They have denied Heaven."

Now you have them interested in what you're doing. I was once thrown in jail for contempt of court because the court wouldn't recognize my Heavenly citizenship.

"Why are you in here, Paul?"

"Because I have a citizen of Heaven driver license."

"What kind of driver license is that?"

"It's a card that looks just like an Oregon driver license. It has my picture on it, it has all my physical traits, and it was issued out of the authority of Heaven."

"Oh really? Does it work?"

"Sure it works."

"Well then what are you doing in here?"

"They haven't received it, but it's still a Heaven license."

A small crowd gathered around me and as we talked people began signing up for Heaven licenses. They found out about our newsletter and I ended up with a list of people wanting the newsletter, too. Word leaked out and the jail pulled a surprise search. I don't know why, but the guards took my list of names and addresses of those wanting Embassy of Heaven materials. I just smiled, it was God's will.

Ways to Reduce Police Contact

  1. Don't get on the road at the same time every day and don't go down the same path. When police go on the warpath to arrest and cite you, don't make their job too easy. Take various roads, drive at different times and don't follow a set schedule. Jesus also had to hide himself when He realized they were after Him (John 8:59).
  2. When you're on the phone, don't announce where you are going or when you are leaving. The police may bug your phone for a period of time as part of their manhunt. This information on when you will be on the road could allow them an opportunity to lie in wait for you.
  3. Don't stay in one place too long. Get in, do your business, then get out.
  4. When you return to your parked car, check out the surrounding area to see if police are lying in wait to stop you.
  5. Realize that America has been overthrown and is not the land of the free. If you imagine you're in Russia, you'll understand how you must act.
  6. Live out in the country if possible. If you are in the city, park your car in the garage. Do not tempt your neighbors to call the police and report a Heaven vehicle.
  7. Minimize the amount of time you are on the road. Buy in bulk and stock up when you are in town. Shop by mail.
  8. If you're driving at night, check your lights to make sure your headlights, tail lights and brake lights are functioning. If an officer sees a burnt-out light, he has reason to stop you.
  9. Honor all speed limits. Don't drive in a manner that draws attention to yourself.
  10. Move with the flow of traffic. Don't drive too fast or too slow.
  11. Learn to synchronize your driving with the traffic lights so you can avoid sitting at red lights. While you're waiting for the light to turn green, a police car could pull up behind you.
  12. If you do see a police officer, look him in the eye and smile and wave. This creates good will and also draws the officer's attention off the license plates. This has worked well for us.
  13. Keep the vehicle in good condition. Avoid driving beat-up vehicles that draw attention. Police look at misused cars as a good source of revenue. They are more likely to find defective equipment on cars that are not maintained well - the emergency brake doesn't function or the horn doesn't blow.
  14. You need to keep alert for police, but don't forget to drive safely. If you get rear-view mirror syndrome, you could crash into the car in front of you when the traffic suddenly stops.
  15. Drive with someone else in the car whenever possible. This will reduce the chances of the vehicle being confiscated if you are stopped. Also, if you have a guest in the car, he can help you see.

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