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Going to Jail



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Spiritual Boot Camp

Going to Jail One of the adversary's most effective weapons is holding you in jail. They are hoping the inconvenience, financial hardship, intimidation and physical abuse you receive in jail will persuade you to shoot at a wrong mark or abandon the race.

Jail is Spiritual Boot Camp. This is going to be one of the heaviest persecutions you'll ever receive in your life - and these people are good at what they do. They've been trained and they've already perfected their techniques on millions of people before you. Even if it is your first time, with the hand of Jesus, you can make it. But you must put down your life. Fear not what they will do to you. If Jesus wants you out, He'll see that you're out. You have to put your entire confidence in Jesus. At any point in time, even near the end, you can cave in. Jesus says, "The one who stands until the end shall be saved." Matthew 10:22

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