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Going to Jail



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Help from Outside

Going to Jail Jails hold criminals, but they also house Christians who refuse to bow down to Baal. Most relatives and friends will assume you're a criminal if you go to jail - unless you've been evangelizing. In their concern for you, they may make angry calls to officials involved in your arrest, put up bail money to have you released, or threaten to sue the officials involved. These actions could damage the Christian stand you are making. Take care of your family and relatives - let them know your convictions. I tell them, "If I go to jail, don't bother trying to save me. It's between me and Jesus." Usually family members, unless they are truly one Spirit with you, are going to cause you problems - even though they are trying to be helpful. I have a tendency to keep them out of it.

When I was in jail a few years ago, my parents visited the judge. I was 37 years old at the time and had been emancipated years ago. My parents walked into the judge's chambers and tried to persuade the judge to have me committed to an insane asylum. Fortunately the judge, being a bright man and knowing that I was making a Christian stand, said to them, "When a man reaches the age of 18, he is no longer under the care and protection of his parents." And he ushered them out the door. I don't think this incident hurt the stand I was making, but the judge clearly saw that my parents and I were not of one mind.

Friends and relatives might also want to write letters either to you or to the jail officials. If your loved ones are of the Spirit and are supportive of the stand you are making, then I recommend they write some conscience-raising letters.

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