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Going to Jail



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Jail Clothes

Going to Jail You're going to have to make a decision on many things - and you won't have time to think about it. All of a sudden you are ordered: "Take off your clothes." Yes, you're going to have to strip down and be naked among strangers. I have done it several ways. The last time I was in jail I just smiled at them and said, "I'm not refusing to take my clothes off, but I'm simply not taking them off. If you want them off, you're going to have to take them off because I'm not going to help you."

The officer took me back out to the public area and reported, "Paul says that he's not taking his clothes off. He's declaring that he's not refusing, he is simply not going to help us take his clothes off. He claims he will not resist evil." So they sent in a second officer to help. The first officer said:

"Okay, I guess I'm the one who is taking off your clothes. You make one move and I'll punch you out."

"I have no intentions of resisting."

"Well, you better not!"

The second officer watched while the first one stripped me down. At that time, I wore their jail clothes, but now we have a new understanding. When you voluntarily put on their jail clothes, you're putting on their covering - you are recognizing the lordship of the jail. The police voluntarily put on the covering of the State when they dress in their police uniforms. We, on the other hand, put on the covering of the Lord Jesus Christ. The jailers want us to take off the covering of the Lord Jesus Christ and put on the clothes of Antichrist. If you're not going to wear their plates on your car, then why would you put their clothes on your body? When you voluntarily put on their jail clothes, have you not accepted their jurisdiction over you?

Remember, they will have a host of wonderful reasons why you need to put on the jail clothes.

"As soon as you agree to put on these clothes, you can take a warm shower. We'll give you a blanket and a bunk and a nice warm room with companions and a television set."

It's very tempting to accept their offer - just to be relieved from the pressures of being under their interrogation.

Again, the jail clothes decision is up to you. But just remember, whatever you do, make sure that you follow through with it. Make your yeas, "yea," and your nays, "nay." Once you've established a "yes" position or a "no" position, continue in it. Otherwise, you are not a man of your word.

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