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Going to Jail



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Body Searches

Going to Jail I'm going to divide the following information on booking procedures into two categories because different things happen to you depending upon your gender.

If you are a male, there are several things that can occur. I have basically described what I have experienced. But I have received reports back from others who have been sprayed in the genital areas. I don't know what they think you have, but they spray underneath your arms and between your legs. It's more humiliating than anything else. What kind of a stand you're going to take, depends upon your convictions. Your best weapon to overcome them is the Word of God. That is your sword, because if you try to seek violence in any form, you will lose. In this environment where decisions must be made quickly, pray that He gives you words and wisdom that your adversary will not be able to contradict or resist. Luke 21:15

If you are a female, booking procedures are even more humiliating. Normally, the procedure is done with female officers. There should be no male officers present, I don't think they get that raunchy. The female officer requires you to strip down and spread your buttocks so she can check for "drugs." I'm really sorry about this and I don't know what can be done. If you're a woman, be prepared for this kind of abuse. Unfortunately, there has been some "Jane" out there who has tucked drugs into the folds of her skin and because of that one bad Jane, they assume everybody is doing likewise.

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