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Going to Jail



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Second Police Encounter

Going to Jail On Friday, February 4th, 1994, (almost a month after the first encounter), we headed toward Salem to make a large mail delivery. As we entered Highway 22 at the golf course, I noticed in my rear view mirror, a Marion County deputy on Golf Course Road. He made a quick entry onto the highway. I could tell by his actions that he recognized our white Subaru.

He pulled onto the highway quickly and immediately turned on his overhead lights to pass another car. His overhead lights went back off and he followed us for about half a mile. Then he turned on his overhead lights again and we pulled over.

Within moments, there were two more patrol cars. The first was another Marion County deputy car, but he was signaled to go on. Then an Aumsville police car came.

Sparks, a Marion County Deputy, came up and asked to see my identification.

"If I give you my identification, will you give it back?"

"Yes, probably I will be giving it back."

"Fine. I am an ambassador for the Lord Jesus Christ for the Kingdom of Heaven. I am on the highways of the Kingdom of Heaven going about my Father's business."

He took the document and went back to his car to prepare citations. When he came back, he gave back the Heaven Driver License and said, "I have a citation for Person A."

"That's not my name."

"You were at one time."

"No, that is not my name."

"Let us pretend that it is your name. Okay Paul?"

He did not read the citation and tried to give it to me.

"I cannot take it."

"I am going to set it right here on the dash. I don't care whether you take it or not, you've been served. I know you love to write letters. I have read a lot of your material so I am looking forward to all the letters you are going to write. This is your chance to write to the court. I am telling you not to drive, but I know you are going to anyway. I will not set up for you. Please do me a favor and not drive until after I am out of the area."

"If my driving upon the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven offends you, then I will wait until you have left. I will try to do it in a manner where you don't see me."

"I appreciate that."

He and the Aumsville cop pulled out and headed toward Salem. We waited a minute and then continued on our way to deliver the mail.

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