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Going to Jail



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First Time in City Jail

Going to Jail We arrived at the city jail within a few minutes. Quinn opened the back door and walked me to the jail entrance. Upon entering the holding room, he removed the handcuffs. My coat was taken off and placed on a chair. My Bible was taken out of my shirt pocket and set on the table. There were open bars in the corner of the room. I was placed in the cell with a wooden bench and no toilet or sink. The room was very cold and Quinn left the room for awhile. Along the other wall was a counter with a Breathalyzer machine and fingerprinting equipment. Normally I would not have known the time, but the Breathalyzer machine had a small display window that showed the date and time.

This is where patience is very important. There is a lot of waiting time. You never know when the next event is going to take place. Quinn said he was the only one on duty and he would try to take care of the paperwork as fast as possible. After a long wait, he came back and said that he needed to take care of a cat. Then after another long wait, he showed up and was very friendly.

We don't use State Highways

Quinn said he was very interested in the Embassy of Heaven. He had seen the news about our Church and wanted to know more about the Kingdom of Heaven. So we spent an hour talking about the Kingdom as the nation of Jesus Christ upon the earth.

I told Quinn, "When you stopped me, I was acting in my official capacity for the Kingdom of Heaven. I was doing the mail run for the Embassy of Heaven and visiting some people. I am not a resident of the State of Oregon and you cannot issue citations to someone who is not part of your family."

Quinn said, "I believe you are not a resident of the State of Oregon. I also believe that you are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven." He repeated this statement several times through the course of our talk.

I said, "But by your actions you don't really believe I am not a resident."

"Well, you are using our roads."

I stated, "I am not using the highways in the State of Oregon. You are trying to cite me for a trespass, but I have committed no trespass because I do not use your highways. I travel upon the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven. Even though it is the same concrete, it is a different jurisdiction. I use the highways that Jesus has established. Even the paths going up to everybody's doorstep are my Father's highways. You had to trespass upon the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven in order to arrest me."

"That is pretty interesting, a trespass on a trespass."

Quinn appeared to be very well briefed about me and the Embassy of Heaven. He was confident in what he was doing and was quick to agree with my separation from the State. But he seemed to be taken by surprise when I talked about not using the State highways.

While we were talking, Quinn took my fingerprints and picture. He wanted me to sign the fingerprints, but I refused.

States are Conquerors

Quinn was intent on telling me that America is a conquered land. Not only did they conquer the Indians, but they also conquered the Kingdom of Heaven. The States are the conquerors and anybody who wants to use the roads, must obtain their permission. He suggested that if I wanted to live in the Kingdom of Heaven, I should find some island out in the Pacific. America has been conquered and is not going to be shared with the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jailed for no State Papers

Quinn continued, "If you would just get a State driver license, you would not be here in jail."

"But I do have papers."

"I asked three times and you didn't give me any papers. That is why I am charging you with failure to carry and present license."

"On the third time, I asked you what you would do with my driver license if I gave it to you. You told me you would not recognize my Church papers."

"That is right. I would not recognize them."

"Well, there you have it. You didn't want my papers. The reason I asked what you would do with my driver license is because policemen like to take our documents, just like you took the license plates. How would you like someone to take your plates? You wouldn't. So why should I give you my driver license so that you can take it, too?"

"Well, any of us could go out and make up our own documents and present them."

"What are you talking about? I don't make my own documents."

"Yes you do, you go out there and you make your own driver license."

"No, I don't, it is issued by the Embassy of Heaven."

"Yes, but you make them."

"What are you talking about? You have a State of Oregon driver license, right?"


"Well, you make your own driver license and you do it through your body known as the State of Oregon. And you have somebody within your office do it for you. What is the difference? You have not said anything new about me. You make your own driver licenses just like I make my own driver license. And I have somebody make mine and you have somebody make yours."

I realized by this time that we were not getting very far. I then stated, "You have your beliefs and I have my beliefs. And you are claiming your beliefs to be superior over my beliefs."

"Oh no, I would not do that."

"Then why are you compelling me? You are compelling me to live the way you do."

"I am not doing that."

"You are the one that brought me here, I didn't come on my own choice."

Psalm 91 our Insurance

Quinn changed the topic and asked, "What do citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven do about car insurance?"

I told him that the insurance companies are tied in with the States and they will not give us coverage. We are forced into the position of having to be extra careful on the highways and do the best we can in being responsible for our actions. As it says in Psalms 91, God is our protector. After I answered his question about insurance, I realized that he was going to use the information to write a citation for no insurance.

During our talk, every once in awhile, Quinn would ask a question that was not directly related to the Kingdom. I would not answer his question when I realized that he was gathering facts for his case.

I said to Quinn, "You are acting as an officer of the State of Oregon through the City of Stayton, a municipality. I will not answer your question so that you can gather evidence to hurt me. If you want to learn about the Kingdom and receive the Kingdom, that is another issue. But if you want to use my words against me, I have nothing to say to you."

Quinn put me back in the cell and left the room for awhile. When he came back, he opened the cell door and walked me over to the counter. He said I was being released. I put my coat on and took my Bible from the table.

No Court Appearance

Quinn stated, "I see by your record that you do not recognize our courts."

I told him that his State is a fallen republic and the courts have been destroyed. The courts were removed from the original State constitutions and the Legislature has now created administrative units in place of the original courts. These creatures of the Legislature, called courts, can only hear issues where the Legislature has jurisdiction.

"I have already tried to write to the courts, but they refuse to recognize that I am from the Kingdom of Heaven."

"But aren't you going to go to court?"

"I will give them a courtesy letter. I will write and tell them that the Embassy of Heaven for the Kingdom of Heaven was trespassed upon. Yes, I will write."

Quinn told me that I was being charged with failing to carry and present a driver license. I could hardly believe my ears. We previously had a long discussion about the fact that he refused to see my driver license from the Kingdom of Heaven. I said, "I asked you and you said you didn't want the Heaven driver license."

He said, "No, no, I just wouldn't recognize it."

"Well isn't that the same thing? You said you didn't want it. So I didn't refuse to give you any identification, you didn't want it."

Wrong Name on Citation

I then noticed that Quinn had a citation with a name different than Paul Revere. "The name on the citation is not my name."

"I know your name is Paul Revere, but the court needs to use the name on your birth certificate."

"I don't have a State birth certificate."

"Well, I know you are reborn and you have a birthday in '87, but we can't use that."

"Well the court needs to catch up, because that is not my name. I do not have to go through probate court. I do not have to go through the State of Oregon. I do not have to do anything with the State of Oregon!"

"I understand, but the court still needs this name. Your history includes that which might have been under the State."

"No, once I have died, old things are passed away, all things are new in Christ. Let the dead bury the dead. I do not have to go back."

"Well, alcoholics go back and talk about their problems."

"According to the alcoholics, they know that they are not supposed to entertain persons, places, or things that cause them to sin. And for myself, I have no obligation to go back to that which I might have been in my prior life. It has been taken care of, it is done, it is put away."

"Well, can't you make some kind of a link for us?"

"For what cause? Once I have become a citizen of Heaven, you have no jurisdiction. Your citations mean absolutely nothing. I am not a 'person' in the context of your law. You are trespassing. You had to come into the Kingdom of Heaven in order to cite me because I am not on your highways and I am not receiving a State privilege."

"You will always be Paul Revere to me, but we still must use this other name."

"But that is not my name. There is an officer by the name of Bonegas that put my name of Paul Revere on a citation. He had no problem, what is your problem?"

"He is not with the force anymore."

"Why not?"

"He was reprimanded. A problem with internal affairs."

"Would you mind telling me what happened?"

"No, I can't tell you. It is a private matter."

"That's too bad, at least he knows who I am."

"Well, you are Paul."

"If I am Paul, then put it on the citation."

"I can't. This is the name that the court needs."

"Because you will not put my name on the citation, I cannot write to the court. If I write to the court by any name other than Paul Revere, I would be acting under a different name."

"You are still served, and I am going to lay it on the counter. It is up to you if you want to take the citation."

"Do whatever you want, but that isn't my paper. I cannot receive anything unless it has my name of Paul Revere."

The citation stayed on the counter. Quinn did not read the charges and I did not see the charges. He then opened the two doors and let me walk free from the jail. I walked around to the front of the building and picked up Quinn's business card.

To finish out the day, I walked eight miles back to the Embassy. It was a sunny day and the temperatures were mild.

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