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Going to Jail



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Overcoming Bullies

Going to Jail There may be some rough-housers and bullies who share your jail cell. They may take an immediate disliking to you. There is an easy way to make friends with them - give them your food tray. When I go to jail, I fast. It is a good way to maintain sanity and stay close to the Lord. When the meal is served, I receive my tray of food and take it to the inmate I wish to befriend and say, "I will not be eating any of this tray of food, it is yours. You can do anything you desire with it. But if I hear any squabbles, you'll never see my food tray again."

Normally, he will not turn me down and he immediately becomes my friend. It is amazing to watch him - not only will he eat it himself but he'll share it around and make lots of friends. I don't know why, but in jail everyone loves to eat. Apparently, meals are the highpoint of jail life. Sharing food creates good will among the inmates. When they see I am not eating, they become curious as to my motives and intents and the door opens to testify of my King.

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